Legend of Terra Slots

Legend of Terra Slots
The Legend of Terra slots is a brand new slots game which is due to be released at the end of February. This is a slots game that promises to be like no other slots game before, gone are the boring non animated symbols that you can find at Slots and Games Casino and in its place you will find colorful monsters and heroes, the cute but strange looking Terra and many other unusual looking symbols that fill the screen. All of the symbols are animated and help make this amazing 3D slot very entertaining and exciting to play. There are five reels filled with animated symbols and characters and the chance to place bets on up to 20 different paylines at once.

Wild Wins with Legend of Terra Slots

Naturally as with any good slots game there is also a wild symbol and in the case of Legend of Terra Slots, the wild is in the form of the wild animal head which can take the place of other symbols on a payline to make up winning lines. When three or more of these animals land on a payline you are also rewarded with multipliers of up to 10x the bet you placed for that spin which is already a good start. In between every spin you are also treated to animated effects through 3D imagery which contributes to the excitement of the game and of course its attractiveness for new players.

Multiplying Wins

In addition to the wild symbol there is also a scatter symbol in the form of a golden maiden well she is to the Terra Shrek like figure anyway. When three or more of these unusual looking golden maidens land on your screen you are treated to multipliers which can award you up to 100x the bet you made for that spin. The excitement and winning possibilities do not end there, you can also benefit from a bonus game when you land three of the wizard bonus symbols on your screen. Here you are taken to a new screen to play the bonus game where you can pick different symbols to reveal prizes until you reach the stop sign at which point you are taken back to the main game to carry on with the regular play. There is no doubt that Legend of Terra slots is going to be the highlight of everyone’s month and remain one of the top slots for many years to come because of its great characters, easy ways to play and of course the amazing potentials to win that it offers.