Geisha Story Slots

The Geisha Story is a story about a woman who makes her living by singing and dancing for men. Known for their beauty and absolute charm these women are a sight to behold for men and women alike. The grace and modesty of the Japanese culture makes a geisha a very charming hostess indeed. One of the major eastern countries the Japanese have become very skilled in all kinds of new technologies and even in ancient tradition riches were said to come from the east. Riches still do, Geisha Story is also a story about a progressive jackpot and payouts of as many as one million coins. The soft purples bring out the Japanese cultural elements as well as the softness of the story itself.

With the skill and grace of a Japanese dancer

Geisha Story is a 5 reel slot with 15 paylines. The most basic strategy is to play your best balance across all 15 of these paylines by adjusting the variables accordingly. A more advanced strategy would be to bet the absolute maximum of $50 on only line one since hitting the jackpot on this line will pay you $500 000. This would however, mean forfeiting the wins on all other lines but it does not mean that you will giving up the chances of getting free spins, so long as the bonus symbols fall within your active payline. Scattered wins are also awarded despite falling on inactive lines. This is great fortune since the scatter symbol in this game is the second most valuable.

Choosing the most basic strategy of betting all lines is usually the best way to go. Placing a single coin on each line makes them all active. While the default settings are 10 coins per line you can bring this down to just one coin per line. For a total of 15c per spin you can ensure that all wins on all lines are paid to you. This is proportionate to your bet, so small risks equals small wins while larger risks, though synonymous with bigger wins, can be detrimental to a smaller bank roll.

Varying your bet size is done by changing the value of the coin from 1c to $5 or by increasing the coins per line up to 10 a combination of those two settings will give you a large variation of bets from 15c per spin to $750 a shot. While big players are rewarded there are no penalties for not betting max.

Symbolism from Japanese culture is alive and well

The wise old Japanese man is the scatter symbol and no matter where he lands he is paid out based on how many symbols are on the screen disregarding paylines altogether. This is one payout that rewards high rollers staking top dollar since scatters multiply your bet and pay it back to you. Five scatters will pay you 50 times your bet and this can be worth as much as $37,500.

The geisha girl is the bonus symbol. She can only be found on the first and last reels of the game and she will trigger a bonus round that will determine how many free spins you will get. The young samurai, holding his knife in its sheath, is the wild symbol. He is bold enough to act as a substitute for any other symbol so that winning combinations can be achieved more often.

The wild samurai is also the jackpot symbol paying out 10,000 coins and multiplied by the amount of coins per line. 10 coins per line will pay 100,000 coins. Multiply this again by your coin value and you can win anything between $10,000 and $500,000.

Spread around the reels you will find many Japanese symbols like the wooden platform sandals, the colorful fan, bonsai tree, khoi fish as well as a beautifully Japanese style garden arch. The four top paying symbols reward for as little as two on the same payline while the rest need three on a payline to deliver wins.

Playing for free spins, are you ready?

The geisha girl on reels one and five will take you to a beautiful detailed terraced Japanese garden. Choose from the six opened purple fans to show you how many free spins you will be awarded. In the same garden the purple fans are replaced by highly decorated lime green fans. Again the task is to click just one of them to find out what the winnings of the free spins will be multiplied by. The result of the bonus round is shown to you and clicking continue will take you to your free spins.

Geisha story tells of riches in faraway lands and if you would like to double your chances then enable the Dollar Ball lottery. Once enabled you choose 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and with each spin of the reel a lottery draw takes place. As each reel below clicks into place so does a ball from the lottery draw fall onto the line. Matching all 5 numbers wins you the lottery which is paid out on average every 2 weeks and can reach astronomical proportions. Four correct numbers pays out 1% of the progressive jackpot. If any of your numbers are correct you still walk away with a small gift.

Follow the storyline

The beauty and tranquility of this slot is brought out so incredibly well as is the integrity of the geisha girl herself. Download this software to enjoy the graphics and animations and all the riches from the east that you can only imagine.