Silent Samurai Slots

The Samurai were a class of military warriors, who used a range of weapons such as the sword, spears, guns, bows and arrows, but they are primarily associated with their famous swords, their lives were conducted by way of bushido which means ‘the way of the warrior’. Their lives were lived according the code and ethics of bushido namely self discipline, respect, ethical behavior and loyalty to their master. The Silent Samurai slots game takes its theme from this ancient Japanese class of people who lived by a very strict code of ethics. The symbols are beautifully on topic and give a feel of board of ancient Japanese characters. The game is easy to play and loads of fun on the reels together with opportunities to win some interesting prizes.

Getting in tune with the ancient warrior

To play the game you need to understand the game play, set of five reels the game offers nine paylines, each line activated give a player a chance at winning, starting with a wager of 1c on all the paylines you will only be betting nine cents, if your bankroll allows it you can increase your bet on each payline up to $5 so that you can play a total bet of $450 in a single spin. If that seems a tad high for you then lower your coin size to the amount you can manage comfortably and still give you plenty of spins to get full benefit of all the features of the game, it important that you place a bet on all the paylines to ensure that you don’t lose out on a payout.

Golden Dragons gone wild

The Gold Dragon is the wild symbol which means it will substitute for all the other symbols except the scatter , When the Gold Dragon appears next to two other symbols it makes up a winning combination that pays out. You can’t beat the thrill of seeing the dragon complete a combination. In addition to substituting this symbol also offers some awesome payouts on its own right, when you get five of them on the reels you get top prize of 5,000 coins, four on the reels pays out 1,000 coins, three gives you 40 and two gives you 10 coins.

Other symbols that also payout are the Geisha, a coin, Shuriken and the Samurai, and the so beautifully illustrated Ace through to the Nine all done out in what looks like Japanese calligraphy. Check you paytable for the various payouts for each symbol.

The Geisha girl is a very accommodating lady

The Geisha ladies are trained to please and on this slots game they definitely please when they appear anywhere on the reels. As a scatter they don’t need to appear on a payline, the do need to appear scattered and three of these ladies will payout 5x the total bet, four will payout 25x the total bet and five on the reels will payout 100x the total bet. She is certainly a lady worth cultivating.

Hit the Ninja’s in the bonus round

When you get two bonus symbols as long as they are placed one on the first reel and the other on the fifth reel, it pays out five time your bet and then the bonus round is triggered where you are taken to another screen; you will see 20 ninja’s all standing on different levels, the object of the game is hit as many of these Ninjas, each will award you prizes of free spins and multipliers. If you get the magic ninja it will pick three winning ninjas from this group and add them to your winnings, but beware once you hit the evil ninja the bonus round ends and your free spins begin. In this bonus game you can get up to 27 free spins with a 8x multiplier. If you get the bonus game during the free spins you will be awarded a further 8 free spins.

Gambling wins is a personal decision

Any regular prize you are given the option to either gamble or collect your prize, if you wish to try your luck at gambling the last win then press the gamble button, you will be taken to a screen where you will see two buttons where you choose if the next card is a Red card or a black card. Get the color right and you increase your original win, but beware get it wrong and you lose. The collect button is to collect your current win and return to the main game.

The icons are delightful and so pleasing on the eye, the music is also entertaining, the game has excellent winning chances, loaded with features to make the Silent Samurai Slots game a definite winner all round. Open your account now and get playing today.