Ultimate Fighters Slots

Ultimate Fighters Slots
Set in the back streets of China, this slot follows a street fighter theme. Included are the rough and tough members of martial arts gangs as well as heavies and assassins, each one of them as ruthless as the next. The thugs are so well presented and the slot to interestingly laid out that you cannot help but enjoy the bonus rounds not to mention that scatter payouts. The sound effects are minimal playing an oriental melody each time a winning combination pays out.

Are you going to play dirty?

This slot comes across as a three reel slot but when you realize that each of the 9 cubes spin independently of each other this game in fact has 9 reels. There are only 8 paylines, 3 across, 3 down and two diagonal. The paylines are numbered and easily identified. Playing the slot is relatively easy. All lines are active and cannot be deactivated. You can place a maximum of 3 coins on each of the 8 lines. What this does is by tripling the risk you are also tripling the coin payouts for winning combinations. Click the bet max button and you spin the reels and play all three coins all at the same time.

Your bet amount can be set by adjusting the value of the coin. Starting at just 1c per coin you still have a fighting chance at some wins with just 8c a spin when betting just 1 coin per line. Shift this all the way up to $5 and lay down three coins on each payline and you can kick it to the top at $120.

The members of the gang

The scatter icon is the ultimate fighter logo re-skinned as a scatter. It is the Chinese drawing of a smoky dragon. For scatter wins you need a minimum of 4 of these logos anywhere on the reels. Four of these scattered icons will pay you back 5 times your wager. At a max bet of $120 expect a prize of $600. If you just so happen to be lucky enough to get a grid full of scatter logos your prize is your bet multiplied by 1,000.

The golden Buddha is the bonus symbol and instead of paying out a prize, all three on any payline will take you to the streets for a show down. Besides these two special symbols the female fighter with the purple scarf is your heroine. She will pay you the jackpot of 5,000 coins for three of a kind on any of the paylines. She is a rare beauty she is and as strong as an ox. Betting all three coins can mean 15,000 coins. Your max win here is $75,000 big ones.

No good sitting around and watching, get in on the fight

Now that you have the three Buddha’s in a row you find yourself in a court yard set up like a makeshift fighting ring where you challenge your opponent to a fierce game of rock, paper, scissors. Each bonus game has three rounds, the more often you win the duel, the bigger the prize at the end. The bigger your bet on the reels, the proportionately bigger the prizes in these back streets.

Facing your opponent, click one of the three buttons on the left. As you click your opponent reveals his hand too. Your win is written on the torn sail stretched between two wooden poles and tallied at the end of the three rounds. The Buddha is a generous symbol appearing frequently and giving many opportunities to top up your balance.

Let’s take this outside, shall we?

Take a walk on the wild side through the back streets of China where you will find a few more interesting characters and events than you expected. Place bets on the winner and watch as the thugs battle it out, skilled as they are, they are entertaining. Step on up and download the software, get your hands dirty, tonight, we fight.