Everest Poker and David Guetta

Sometimes it doesn't take much more than a little endorsing from one of the big guys to really make a huge statement. That's what happened to the world of online poker recently. David Guetta, Grammy-winning... DJ and Producer, is no doubt about it hot...hot...hot which means that the new video for his latest music release, Gettin' Over You, is going to be a sought after commodity. During that video there is a shot of David Guetta congratulating a friend who just so happened to have won an online poker tournament while playing at Everest Poker. What happens when you put two influential people together? Great things start to happen!

First of all, Everest Poker is geeked that they were chosen to be in the music video. Not only because everyone likes a little plug by a big name every once in a while but because it sends a huge message...online poker is acceptable and it is part of what people like to do. Everest Poker France has absolutely no problem at all associating the Everest Poker brand with David Guetta and his music... as a matter of fact nothing could please them more. Other big names are in the Gettin' Over You music video too such as Chris Willis, popular R&B artist, the infamous Fergie, and electro hop artists LMFAO.

Everest Poker, is likely the most popular place for French poker lovers and has been since their inception in 2004. Thousands gather around the virtual tables at Everest Poker for a chance of a big win...and the players are not just from France but actually are from across the globe.

The Gettin' Over You music video is smoking on YouTube tallying up nearly 20 million views already! That is not to mention the millions of hits on Twitter and Facebook too! The premier is scheduled within weeks...everyone is waiting for this influential recording artist to release his music video, including Everest Poker France!