Legalized Gambling - Pros and Cons

When you think of all of the years that people have been fighting for the right to enjoy themselves and bet their own money on the games that they enjoy it may seem obvious that all forms of gambling should be legalized. The argument against this of course that honest work should be done in order to gain more money and not games of chance. But as it has been proven time and time again a person's right to make their own decisions is much more important than anything else in this world and you can find this as very evident when you are looking at the pros and cons of gambling and in the case of the state of New Jersey and other states that have followed suit, it is a good idea to use the proceeds and taxes of gambling to benefit the state.

Why Fight Human Nature and History that has Proven Itself for Centuries

Gambling is in human nature, as far back as the Bronze Age primitive forms of dice have been excavated and uncovered. The popular game of Keno has its roots in Ancient China where warriors made bone dice and numbers while defending villages. All through history and even today in modern times there are many references to gambling and the influence it has on society. When you look at the history then you must realize if you think of it as a potential enemy then it is better to keep your enemy close and know what is going on than to distance it where it can cause trouble and other problems, The same theory applies to gambling, if you keep it under your wing with controls then more people are likely to benefit from it and more gains will be attained. Looking at the turnaround in the state of New Jersey you can see this for yourself where the income from lottery, taxes on gambling profits and licensing fees all contribute to the state income. In New Jersey this only makes up a small percentage of the state income but in states such as Nevada income from gambling makes up more than 10 % of the state income. This income can be used for education, combating addictions including gambling and helping the under privileged amongst other ways that the income can be used.

Help the Income of the State you Live In with Your Pastime

In addition to legalized gambling offering a way to help the income of the state it is also a way to create jobs whether you are talking about an online casino or a land based casino. Operators, programmers and many more staff are needed to make a successful casino which creates jobs and opportunities for people living in the state or country where the casino is opening. Some may argue that without the jobs in casinos they can manage and they don't want to work in a place which influences people to part with their money, in some cases where they don't have it to spend. But if you are playing and working at a legal casino there will also be many different governing and outside bodies that make sure players can afford to place the bets. They can also work on referring players who seem to be overdoing it to responsible gaming sites or gamblers anonymous where they can receive professional help. At illegal gambling sites and casinos you will not receive this special help which has been proven time and time again to save many people's incomes and ways of life.

Be Honest and It will Pay Off

Just like going to the cinema or going out to eat, gambling is a leisure pastime and should be looked at in this way. But when you have a cloak and dagger approach to gambling then you of course feel differently about it and may not be honest with yourself too in which case you can end up with problems and in debt. Legalized gambling is most definitely the best way to play because of the controls that are in place and in addition you know that some of the revenues of the gambling site or casino that you are playing at are going to good causes. Bring on the legalized gambling whether at Lincoln Casino online or Slots.LV Casino online or at a well known land based casino!