Age to Gamble Online

One of the great things about Online Gaming is there is no age limit. Many casinos offer a play for fun option that is open to anyone since no money changes hands. But what if you aren’t playing for play money? Since there is no international age limit to gamble and different governments differ on what that should be every online casino has its own terms and conditions depending on the location of its creators. Some casinos set their gambling age limit at 21 but others, like Liberty Slots Casino have a minimum age limit of only 18.

That said, the law where you live trumps the Casino’s set age. So even if Liberty Slots says you only have to be 18, if the local government says that you have to be 21, then you have to be 21. I remember when I was 20 and just moved from Ontario to North Carolina I was annoyed that I wasn’t old enough to drink even though in Canada the legal limit is 19. The bartender didn’t care what the Canadian government said or what my passport said – I wasn’t 21 so I was having a Coke.

Most Casino Terms and Conditions will have a clause to that effect. (Although, they may leave out the part where I couldn’t order a glass of wine.) They’ll say something like you verify that you are “the age of majority” which means, know what the law is where you are playing. You might be able to play at a casino with a minimum age limit of 18 at home, but when you go visit Aunt Ethel on Must Be 21 Street, then don’t sign in.

It’s important to abide by the rules set by the Casino under their Terms and Conditions, even though it’s relatively easy to lie about your age when you aren’t being carded. But the problem is that if you win the jackpot, and you are not of legal age to gamble online, there is no way that you can collect your winnings. Which makes the whole deception a bust.

So, whenever you join a new Casino, it would be a good idea to read their terms and conditions. And if you just skimmed them before, double check their age limits the next time you sign in. If you aren’t old enough to play, don’t worry, there are lots of online casinos that offer the play for fun option. But if you are, then take advantage of their bonuses and promotions that they offer to real money players.