Harrah's Wants Federal Internet Gambling Laws

The great debate is still on the center stage...to legalize online casinos in the U.S. on a national level or not. Harrah's Entertainment, one of the biggest super names in the casino industry has stepped back for a second to clarify their stance. Rather than wait for the state of New Jersey to make laws that would pertain only to that state, Harrah's thinks it's wise to wait for a federal ruling first. According to Harrah's it only makes sense as they have dumped tons of cash into national legalization so why waste it on a network of state-by-state laws? Harrah's does have a vested interest in the state of New Jersey since they run four brick and mortar casinos in one of the gambling capitols of the US, Atlantic City.

Online casinos are expected to increase brand awareness for brick and mortar casinos resulting in boosted business. What happens is you get a bunch of unknowns on the Internet that practice and then master their online skills before making appearances at the tough brick and mortar competitions. The two biggest members of this group, MGM Mirage and Harrah’s Entertainment take the stance that some form of legalization is necessary.

On the opposing end of the sparked debate others believe that the legalization and regulation of Internet gambling will be a nightmare because it is impossible to correctly police it and that it could be a major downfall to the industry. Because of this split argument the gaming association is remaining neutral. Opposers also fear that gambling addiction will rise because of access from home computers. Harrah's embraces the idea of expansion and the promoting of casino gambling as a great recreational activity.

Whatever happens online gambling is here to stay. Here are the number of leading online casinos accepting US players we advice you to consider: