New Downtown Casino to Open in Cincinnati

Since the opening of the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland, the residents of Cincinnati have been preparing themselves for the grand opening of Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati. This opening is scheduled for March 4 of this year.

About the Opening

This is tipped to be a major development to the downtown area of Cincinnati. The Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati is thought to be one of the largest urban casino developments. It hoped that its creation will add to the attraction of people visiting Cincinnati.

The opening of this new casino is said to be worth over $400 million. It is exactly what the city needs as job creation will add an extra 1,700 jobs to the area. Horseshoe Casino opened first in 1951 and it is ideal for all player levels. The casino will also be celebrating its 60th anniversary.

Casino Offerings

Everything from slots machines, table games and poker is available for the grand opening. The casino will also have the famous Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville bar and restaurant. Players at the casino will be able to enjoy Caribbean food and some of the best entertainment. There is also a Jack Binion’s Steak opening on the casino premises.