NJ Casinos are Thrilled with new Internet Gambling

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This week was the first week that New Jersey offered legal Internet gambling. So far, so good and the state Division of Gaming Enforcement is very pleased. A test of Internet gambling began on November 21 and as of last Thursday, 37,277 accounts had been established. This meant that many players were able to partake in card games, table games and slots from computers or smartphones.

New Jersey is the third state to legalize Internet gambling and the hopes are to generate money for Atlantic City. Their 12 casinos have been doing poorly because they have seen much competition from casinos in bordering states. Atlantic City has seen their revenue fall significantly since 2006.

The few glitches that were present are worked out and things are now running smoothly. The verification systems were problematic and so was the geolocation system that produced some false negatives. The technology is now accurate. Future problems were thought to possibly include funding accounts.

However, for now, things are running smoothly.