Diamond Valley Slots

Diamond Valley Slots
Diamonds scattered all over the place this slot has a very special draw card in its progressive jackpot. The game developers were sure to put this neat little sum in the hands of anyone wishing for it badly enough. A minimum of $5,000, this progressive is continuously on the increase and as it gets bigger it makes for a super attractive slot even though the prize is definitely worth playing for even at its lowest levels. Usually hitting every two weeks it averages at $66, 000 each time a winner is proclaimed and the highest it has ever been to date is just over $300,000. Set against the deserted valley full of rocks, vultures and hopefully lots and lots of diamonds, this game is interesting, interactive and profitable.

Grab your tools and get digging

The diamonds are barely buried, they are just as good as scattered on the surface of the valley floor. The game is easy to play. There are 5 reels and only 5 paylines. Each payline is activated with one coin with the fixed value of $1. Playing all 5 lines is going to cost $5 per spin. Playing that full $5 is one of the most important moves you will make in this game because the 5th coin activates the 5th line which is the jackpot line. The jackpot combination can fall on any line and pay a fixed amount of 5,000 coins but let it fall on the 5th line and you are in the diamond business with the progressive jackpot. The nice thing about progressive jackpots is the relatively tiny investment to such a big explosion in profit.

Gems and diamonds everywhere

The pink diamond from the valley of diamonds is the scatter symbol. Paying scattered wins of up to 200 times your bet for 5 of these sparkling beauties, this very special stone does not need to fall on the same payline. They pay as long as they are on the reels in the same spin. Delve deep into the mines by unlocking the bonus round with the purple diamond on an outstretched hand. This is the key to the bonus round where the reel treasure is hidden. This hand is very specific in the way that it releases the bonus round. It must be found in a cluster of three in a row and one of them must appear on the first reel.

Diamonds spotted on the rocky outcrops of the valley walls are your key to the jackpot. If you can gather 5 of these symbols on any payline you can take home the cash of $5,000. But manage to collect them together on the fifth payline and whatever that ticker at the top is showing you is going to empty right out into your hands.

Look around the reels for the dollar sign pierced by two arrows paying out the second highest win, a vulture holding a glinting gem in its beak and a green treasure box. All of these symbols pay out for as little as two of a kind on the same payline, small rewards to make the digging go easier. Thrown into the diggings is also a flaming bar symbol and some dentures with an embedded golden tooth.

Companions in Diamond Valley

Line up three outstretched hands in just the right order and you will get to enter the Rescue Bonus Round. Three people are in the pit and all need to be rescued. You can only choose one from the Indian chief, the cowboy or the lady. Their gratuity is shown when they split their possessions with you and the value of it is added to your balance.

Get your spade and shovel out, it is time to go digging for diamonds!

The game is fun and intriguing but what you are really heading for is that progressive jackpot. The more you play the better your chances so now is as good time as any to download the software and play the game for real.