Fairy Magic Slots

Do you believe in fairies, unicorns and magical forest creatures? The more you believe the more real they are. Sinking into this perfectly animated game your imagination can run wild with a combination of autoplay and interactive elements. The scene is set in a neat forest where the buttons are fashioned like little planks while leaves and ivy decorate the reels.

Supernatural ways to get the winnings to come to you

Fairy Magic is delicate yet powerful so when placing line bets it is important to remember that each line is a drop of magic. There are 15 paylines, 15 paylines is 15 wishes all in one go. Is it the jackpot you are wishing for? Click spin to see. Deactivating any of the lines will lose you a wish and if your dream lands on an inactive payline you forfeit the treasure. Whatever you do, do not let that happen. All you need is one coin per line to keep it active. If you want a bigger wish you can multiply your win by adding more coins per line. 10 coins per line is the most and this means your wish is 10 times bigger when the fairy grants it.

Now for the coin size. You can see on the far left that your starting point is a 1c coin size and that with all lines active and just one coin you can actually bet for 15c a spin. With 15 fully loaded lines your bet increases only to $1.50. Click on the arrow on the right of the coin size and watch as your bet increases right up to $750 per spin with the biggest coin value of $5.

Setting your wager amount must be done with care and taking your balance into consideration. No matter what you are going to want more spins so keep your betting low to spread the magic. The more you play the better your chances of hitting the free spins. On the flip side of the magic wand the higher the bets the quicker you win so once your balance has received some growth you can start betting bigger and reaping greater rewards from the bonus rounds.

It's a kind of magic

Wild at heart but peaceful by nature the unicorn against the night starry sky is the wild symbol. This is your substitute for the other symbols and helps to line up combinations of matching symbols. Rare and beautiful she is the most valuable symbol on the reels and for getting 5 on the same payline your wish of 10,000 coins is granted.

The magical tree house where the fairies live is the scatter symbol. This is no ordinary light shining at the window, it is magical luminescence. As the multiplier symbol it can pay out as much as 500 times your bet. This converts to $10,000 for a meager bet of $20, and $375,000 for playing the maximum available bet.

The petite fairy give the prize

As small as she is the petite little fairy is a busy lady! She flutters around with her wand in hand and her eyes full of life as the bonus symbol. She needs only to appear once to drop a star to into the brush at bottom of the reels. Once she has appeared and collected four stars for you under any one of the reels, you are paid a handsome sum indeed. Starting with a straight bonus amount of 4 times your bet, she adds to it 5 free games complements of the forest creatures. All the winnings from these games are doubles and added to your balance as a reward for believing in their magic.

If you are looking for more of those fairytale creatures, just wait until your eyes adjust to the dark and you will see the likes of a little gnome, topping up on his steaming evening magic potion, the shimmering bell flowers, a whole array of mushrooms and a squirrel who has found a magic gem. The night forest is filled with lots to see and do.

A star performance

Make that magic go further by placing a gamble on your win. The gamble feature in this game allows you to gamble all your winnings or just half. From 5 cards facing down the dealer flips over the card on the far left of the screen. From the remaining four cards it is up to you to choose a card of higher value.

Is magic in your stars?

Take a magical tour of the forest at night with the leaf clad fairy as your guide. There is nothing more enchanting than all the secrets that have been lit up for your gaming pleasure. Download this easy to play software and cash in on the magical winnings right now.