Diamond Valley Pro Slots

Trekking through the desert plains, up hills and through valleys you are sure to find a few red Indians, cowboys and a lovely lass or two. But never in your wildest dreams did you think that this here valley would be filled to the brim with sparkling diamonds, now did you? Just take a walk along the rocky outcrops and you will have to shade your eyes from their blinding glare.

Diamonds are for everybody

These Diamond Valleys are easy to plunder. There are 20 paylines and lucky for you by the time you arrive they are all activated with the max of 10 coins each. If you don’t intend on looking for trouble in these parts then steer well clear of deactivating any of those lines, you hear? Winning combinations falling on lines that have been deactivated fall by the wayside. If you want to claim the bounty from them you have to place your stake.

The full 10 coins per line is negotiable. Working on a budget you can click the bet per line button to adjust the riggings of the machine. Each click is another coin on all active lines only. Line bets are important because a line bet is the multiplication factor when it comes to wins, especially them big wins. Each win is multiplied by the amount of coins per line so winning 300 coins on a payline that has 5 coins placed down on it will pay out 1,500 coins.

Deciding how much you want to stake is as simple as fixing the coin size. Start off at 1c but you can slide it on up to $5. Your betting range becomes rather large even with all lines active. From as little as 20c a shot to a hefty $1,000 this game is for anyone. Looking for bigger wins, just place bigger bets. Who said winning wasn’t easy?

Sharp shooter strategy is to keep those wagers down when you start spinning. Low bets means more spins and before you know it you will be making free cash with the bonus round and free spins.

Tequila, diamonds and all the wealth that you can imagine

They say that a powerful drink is made from the cactus and the legend has it that 5 cactus symbols and you have yourself a deal paying out the 10,000 coin jackpot. Now remember that at 10 coins a line and a $5 coin size you are looking at diamonds worth $500,000. The cactus is the wild flower of the bunch and is also the substitute symbol and will help you get some bigger rewards out of the reels.

A vulture in these deep alleys is not always a good sign but in this day and age it means that is where the diamonds lie the thickest. One of these vultures will automatically, without even blinking an eye, double your wager and pay it back to you. As the scatter these vultures don’t obey the laws of the paylines and they pay anyway. Spot yourself 5 vultures in one spin of the reels and you can count on a payback of 200 times your bet. In the language of diamonds we are talking $4,000 for a mere $20 bet.

If you are looking to be playing for free keep an eye out for the bonus symbols. The diamond itself embedded in this symbol is worth as many as 20 free spins if you can manage to get one on the first and the other on the last reel. This machine is spitting diamonds for sure because your winnings from these free spins can be multiplied by as much as 10 times.

Can you just imagine hitting that jackpot now? That is 100,000 coins multiplied by the 10 coins you placed on that line this money is the reel big time.

Diamond jackpot

So what does a stranger in these parts got to do to get your hands on these kinds of winnings? When your bonus symbols line up on the first and second and reels you are taken to a recently dug out mine, where it is up to you to choose out of one of your three journeymen, the chief, squaw and the cowboy. Choose correctly and you will get your 20 spins. The other two will still pay out either 12 or 15. Click ‘continue’ for your chosen character to emerge. You have a 50/50 chance of choosing the 10 times multiplier. Choose the correct hand and you are in for the diamond digging adventure of a lifetime.

Gamble your winnings just for the thrill of it. Click the gamble feature and out of four cards all you have to do it choose a card of higher value than the dealer and the booty is all yours.

Beautiful and rare diamonds

This game has got to have some of the greatest possibilities for big cash than many of the other slots. Much has to do with luck so the longer you keep at it the sooner the diamond bank is going to crack. For your takings in shining diamonds download the software and get cashing in.