Dr Lovemore Slots

Is there a doctor in the house? Dr Lovemore, cheesy charm and all, has all the right moves and knows all the lines that can make your toes curl. His outrageous charm is hilarious, his shiny black hair and perfectly groomed everything. The top payouts and the progressive side ball game add to the fun and laughter you can expect from this crazy slot.

Do it with flair

Opening Dr Lovemore slots, you are greeted by the suave doctor himself who has taken the liberty of activating all 20 paylines for you as well as loading each payline to the full capacity of 10 coins a pop. While the coin value has been set to a very conservative low of 1c, all of these variables can be adjusted. Click on 'bet per line' to play just one coin per line and there you have your minimum bet of just 20c a go. Reducing the coins per line is acceptable but deactivating lines is an absolute no no! Any wins on those lines will not be added to your balance and for such a small investment it is hardly worth taking the risk!

The last variable to consider is your coin size which can be increased up to as much as $5, while a modest fee in itself when all elements of the bet are at their highest you can see yourself placing a $1,000 bet each spin. While few will go that route this game has widened the possibility for one and all no matter the budget, to play this sultry, charming slot and to add a little something extra to hit a progressive jackpot.

The fruits of love

The wild card is Dr Lovemore's car registration advertising his wild nature. This symbol stands in for all of the other symbols on the reels to help make winning combinations. Also such a valuable license plate is this that 5 on the same payline will pay out the jackpot of 10,000 coins. At the full coin size of $5 your very romantic prize of $50,000 will be sweeping you right off your feet. This already large win is again multiplied by the coins on each line. So had you stuck with his suggestion of 10 coins a line Dr Lovemore's sweet nothings would be worth $500,000.

The scatter symbol which looks a little bit like someone through a ships porthole is in fact Dr Lovemore being spied through the fish lens of the front door. Disregarding all rules about paylines the scatter pays based on how many symbols are found on the screen at the same time. Three scatters will pay out triple your wager while 5 scatters will woo you with 250 times what you have wagered. With symbols like these it pays to place a higher bet.

Stripped down into cheesy pink boxer shorts with white hearts imprinted on them, Dr Lovemore's leopard print wallpaper in the background gives the game away. If he plays his game right and his pants appear together on the first and last reels you will be treated to 20 spins on the house. Not only are the spins free but all wins are doubled and added to your balance. Just suppose you get lucky and land more pants on the outer reels during the free spins round? In that case even more spins will be added.

Cheesy smile and fun features

A nice little progressive bonus Dr Lovemore comes with the Dollar Ball side game. This game works just like the lottery and like the lottery jackpot it is continuously growing, being added to one bit at a time. To play this game all you need to do is click the enable button at the top of the screen, pick your 5 numbers and with each spin an extra $1 will be added to your total bet. While the reels are spinning a new set of 5 balls are drawn. When your 5 balls match you take the progressive amount shown in little red digits at the top of the screen. Match 4 out of 5 numbers and you still get 1% of the jackpot. Small consolation prizes are also given for 1, 2 or 3 correct numbers. The moment you want to stop the lottery draws, simply click the disable button and it's you and Dr Lovemore alone again.

Is it love this time?

Bet your silver dollar this crazy cherry slot will tickle your pretty little fancy. From all the right treats, airs and graces, Dr Lovemore knows the moves. Or at least he thinks he does. Download the software to enjoy this crazy character and play along.