Bermuda Triangle Slots

The Bermuda Triangle is impressive in its mysterious properties. With at least a million square miles dedicated to this part of the ocean it is responsible for the disappearance of all kinds of ships and planes with many never heard from again. Exploring this area has become little more than a sparkle in an adventurer’s eye with the huge risks and untold dangers. What becomes of those that get sucked in, no one ever knows.

The slot itself is rather simple looking with great graphics it looks just like a machine found in a slots hall of a large casino. The paytable above the reels is most colorful and shows all winning combinations for all 5 of the paylines. Here the mysterious underwater is brought to life. As the reels spin you can hear the sounds of the submarine as it moves slowly through the waters, submerged, hoping to discover the mysteries held in these waters.

All in all this slot is simple, follow the basic guidelines, tips and strategies and you can turn an interesting theme into a big win.

Do silver dollars lie on the ocean floor?

Bermuda triangle has only got three reels which is very similar to the traditional style of pub slots. Instead of a single payline, expect five paylines and 5 chances to win per spin. Adjust the value of the coin from 1c up to $5 but do not compromise on betting a coin on every single one of the 5 paylines since it is the jackpot that can be won only when the winning combination falls on that 5th line. At only one coin per line you can still get away with a 5c bet and not lose out on the 1,000 coin jackpot. Betting max is $25 a spin turning 1,000 coins into $50,000.

The answers to all your questions are hidden in the paytable above the reels. On the left you can see that because there is no wild symbol you will need three of a kind for a payout. The payouts for three of a kind are listed on the left with the exception of the ship. While the ship with its striped sail also pays out for three of a kind the winning amount depends on which payline it falls. When it lands on the first payline it still pays out more than double the highest ranking symbol on the right.

Are you ready for an escapade into the Bermuda Triangle?

Three boats on the 5th payline pays the jackpot of 1,000 coins. On the other 4 paylines there are still the top rewards from the game to be paid out. The other symbols include the airplane, also rumored to have been sucked down into the ocean, never to be seen again with no ruins and no survivors. These mysteries are unbeknown to the sea creatures that have made this part of the ocean their home. These include the shark, dolphin and the octopus. This game even pays out for combinations of animals or a combination of the ship and plane just to add to the list of winning combinations.

Crazy slot and super prizes

No matter how you choose to play, on a budget or at maximum bet, it is great to sit back and relax and watch as the reels turn on their own. Set up autoplay options where you can play as many as 1,000 spins and set the game to stop when it hits the jackpot.

Return from the depths with super rewards

Discovering the source of mystery and intrigue has its risks but usually the rewards are high. Enjoy the urban legends while you take a ride on a sinking ship and return to tell the tale. Download to play and stake your claim.