Whats Cooking Slots

Everyone wants to be a chef and to cook up a storm of delicious meals, but not everyone has that special quality to be able to put together ingredients to create that gourmet dish. The whole theme of the game is geared to cooking, it opens with a video of a window, with flowers in the window box, the camera zooms into the room and you see the master chef carrying a dish, he seems to trip and fall down, when he gets up the dish looks like a gourmet soup. Oh la la! Enough to get your taste buds salivating, let's start to play Whats Cooking Slots right now. Now ready? Keep reading our review for more info about this fantastic game...

The graphics are all bright and cheery, beautifully illustrated and the game played is through that window of opportunity.

What’s cooking!! Indeed, let’s put the ingredients together

Your cooking platform has five reels and plenty of paylines to keep those reels spinning, starting with one cent you can increase the bet through a range of options up to $5 on all of the thirty paylines, and a cool maximum bet of $300! In total you have thirty one options to win on this game. The game should please most gamers as the betting variety is sufficient to keep high rollers as well as people with low bankrolls. A good strategy is to maybe start low and build up as your bankroll increases. Starting with bet on all the thirty paylines you can bet as low as 30c. If you want to be sure of not missing any wins then make sure you put at least a minimum bet on all the paylines.

The whole theme is about being chefs and cooking and what better for the highest paying symbol to be the cooking stove, every chef needs one and of you get five of them on the reels than you will be well rewarded with plenty of coins in fact 10,000 of them, definitely not to be missed, even four of them pay 1,000 coins, the grease fire is the next highest paying with 750 for five on the reels, everything that can be found in a kitchen such a boiling water, over cooked sauce, hardboiled egg, steak, onion, tomato, and lettuce all contribute to giving you wins, check the paytable for the amounts.

Cooking up a wild one

The cooking stove apart from being the highest paying symbol, is also the wild symbol, and acts as a substitute to complete any winning combination to give you extra wins, it does not substitute for the scatter so don’t be disappointed, it will not act as a substitute to trigger the bonus games either. Should there be more than one winning combination then you will be paid out for the highest combination.

The meaning of the Master Chef

In this slots game the master chef is an important fella, if he appears three or more times anywhere on the reels then he pays out a multiplication of your total bet. If you get more than one winning combination then both are paid out. Scatters don’t affect the other symbol wins.

Who uses cookbooks?

Whether you use a cookbook or not to get a recipe right, you definitely will use this cookbook to good use, when you get a cookbook on the first and fifth reels it will trigger the cooking bonus game, you will be taken to a second screen and given a choice to make a sandwich, you will first be given a choice of meat for your sandwich, out of a choice of six meat and fish you need to make a decision which would give you the most spins, the next choice is a variety of six sauces, choose one and it will reveal the multiplier. You will then be shown your completed sandwich and your winnings, how many free spins and what the winnings will be multiplied by. Your range of free spins are from three to twenty and the multiplier can be anything from 2x to 10x.

Should you re-trigger the cookbook bonus on the first and fifth reels during the free spin round it will automatically select randomly one of the choices of free spins, your original multiplier will not change.

The progressive jackpot is worked with the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot usually located on the right top corner of the screen, you need to wager one dollar and choose five numbers lottery style out of 49 numbers, when you spin the main game the dollar ball jackpot game works at the same time. Depending on the number of matching numbers that are drawn you win various amounts and if you match all five then you hit the jackpot. For a dollar wager this can prove to be a very lucrative addition to your account. You can also get the machine to choose the 5 numbers for you by choosing random select, you can also deselect the numbers if you wish and start again or disable the feature altogether. If the progressive Jackpot is won and you win just after it has been won you can still win a nice tidy sum and it starts building from a preselected amount each time.

So if cooking is your passion then this slots game is going to definitely be a passion for you, for those who don’t know how to cook don’t be afraid you can cook up some tasty wins despite the fact that you don’t know how to cook. Download now and play today.