Vacation Station Slots

Your guy is at the station and he is raring to go. It seems like this is a long awaited trip since even the holiday clothes have shrunk! Bags are packed to the capacity and the camera is within a second’s reach, no picture opportunity will be missed. The vibe is as bright and colorful as the icons which are simple and clear. This game is great for beginners who do not want to resort to classic style slots and prefer a little more fun, vibe and action, the game is easy to play and understand and lots of interaction. The sound effects are minimal and for winning combinations you can hear coins dropping onto your already growing pile. For higher value combinations other sound effects such as the wolf whistle as your guy shouts “Taxi!” as the car screeches off at top speed are rather entertaining.

Pack your bags just right, that way you can fit more in

The 9 blocks are in fact a reel on its own since each of these cubes spin independently of each other, so we have 9 reels and 8 paylines which are also easy enough to identify. The 9 reels form a 3 by 3 grid and the paylines, consisting of 3 symbols each run three across, three down and then also include the two diagonal lines.

All 8 paylines are automatically enabled when you enter the game but you can click on each payline that you would like to play. Clicking on payline 6, for example, does not activate 6 and all those below it, it only activates line 6. So it is possible to choose a couple of random paylines to bet on. But remember that any win on inactive lines are forfeited.

Another variable that can be changed is how many coins you bet per line, up to three, each coin has its own column in the paytable. If you triple your bet any winnings are proportionately tripled with the exception of the jackpot combination which pays out an extra 1,000 coins if all three coins have been enabled on the winning line.

There are no free spins or bonus rounds in this game so you are going for top win. The jackpot symbol is by far the most rare symbol of course, so after playing this game for a while the best strategy to start is to keep the coin size low, all three coins on all 8 lines and allow the lower paying symbols to keep you in the game for longer until you hit that top payer.

Pick your mode of transport

The top paying symbol is the plane which pays as much as $20,000 for three in a row. Being the preferred mode of transport the value of the symbols go down based on this characteristic to the luxury liner, yacht, hot air balloon and submarine. The lower paying symbols that form common combinations are the hot red convertible, the speedy yet stylish and flashy yellow motorbike, the purple train and then as a last resort the mini bus. For all symbols you need three in a row, there are no symbols that pay for less than this and no wild symbol to help a little. So three it is.

There is one symbol that behaves like none of these symbols. This is the stickered suitcase. Well traveled this is the scatter symbol and pays scatter wins for a minimum of 4 of them anywhere on the grid which pays you back double your wager. The more suitcases you get the higher the multiplier goes until the entire grid is full of suitcases you can find yourself with spending money of up to $120,000.

Take a break on us

So if you are looking to take a break, a much needed break, download the software and set your bags down and place your bets on which mode of transport is going to get you out of there and on your way to start your much needed, much deserved holiday.