Surf Paradise Slots

You will surely feel as if the water just splashed down on you with this exciting surfing-themed slot machine game called Surf Paradise. Powered by Rival software, players will enjoy great design and graphics. This game is perfect for players who are used to traditional slot games as it presents uncomplicated payout combinations and just simple yet attractive animations. There are layers of blue ocean on the background complemented with the sound of the sea's gushing and chirping birds. So, sit back, relax and enjoy playing Surf Paradise Slots and winning at the same time-totally stress-free just like playing right outdoors on the beach.

In a nutshell, this simple game has 3 reels with just 1 classic payline. The jackpot is non-progressive at 2,000 coins. Maximum coin use is 2 with values ranging from $0.01 to $5.00

Surf Paradise Slots Symbols

As uncomplicated as it is Surf Paradise does not have wild symbols or any scatter symbols like those found on typical slot machines. The game uses simple bars. There is a single bar, double bar, triple bar. Also featured are symbols depicting a surfing location such as ocean waves, surfboards and coconut trees. All of these symbols can hit and generate the winning combinations.

A player can stake in on bets anywhere from $0.05 up to $5 with a maximum bet of 2 coins per spin. When a player bets using the maximum amount allowed, he can hit the 2000 coin jackpot. Winning in this game is straightforward. For instance, one surfboard located on any of the reels will give the player instant payout. Although simple, there is still a possibility of taking home a hefty amount of cash. An appearance of 3 ocean waves on the reels will generate a total jackpot of as much as $10,000. Making more bets will increase the player's chances of winning. Betting to the maximum is also advised to have the maximum stake out.

Casino Locations for Surf Paradise Slots

Several Rival-sponsored casinos offer Surf Paradise slot machine games. One can visit the famous Golden Cherry Casino to enjoy this game. Also highly recommended is Lion Slots, where Surf Paradise and other Rival games are available.