Scuba View Slots

The creatures under the sea have fascinated people for thousands of years, and today with scuba gear divers can go deep into the waters to view the wonderful sea life. Some people yearn to scuba dive but for various reasons or other are unable to, but now they can experience life through the lens of their goggles in Scuba View slots, and for that who love diving and slots you can do both. The interface of this slots game is so easy, and extremely user friendly. While you are diving you can also find that hidden treasure in the bonus game.

Playing the game is easy

Click on the plus or minus sign to increase your coins size; you can start from one penny up going up to 5 cents, 25 cents and 50 cents. There are five reels to play on with fifteen paylines to choose from. The more paylines you choose the more chances you have of winning. You can choose bet one or max bet. The max bet will automatically play on the fifteen paylines with the coin size you have chosen. The total max bet is 7.50.

Sea creature symbols for your winnings

The sea creature symbols are bright and colorful, some fish cheerful in colors and blend well into the underworld scenery, you will find tortoises, starfish, octopuses, sharks, a school of fish, sea horses, and other brightly colored fish. Each symbol has a differ payout value the high paying ones are the blue seaweed, get five of those and you get 1,500 payout, 5 octopus will give you 750, a blue fish will give you 500, an orange and white striped fish will give you 300, the shark will give you 150, the sea horse will give you 100, the star fish will give you 75 and each will give lesser amounts for lesser appearances of 4, 3 and 2. Check the paytable for the full list of payouts for all the symbols. When payouts occur they are shown by different colored lines so you can see what has paid out.

No need to shiver when you see the jellyfish

The jellyfish are definitely your friend in this slots game, when they appear n the reels they substitute for the other symbols. This shivery wild symbol is quite generous, and will substitute for the other symbols, if you get 5x jellyfish you will be paid out 2,500 4x will pay out 500, 3x will pay out 100, 2x will pay out 25, and 1x will pay out 1.50.

Let the blowfish scatter across the reels

The yellow blowfish will scatter across the screen giving you nice wins, if you get 2x blowfish you will be paid out 7.50, 3x payout is 37.50, 4x payout is 112.50 and 5x payout is 750. Get 2, 3 or 4 scatters across the screen it will also trigger the bonus round.

The bonus game….

You will be taken to a new screen where you will see a closed clam shell, in the middle, on the right you will have already won an amount which is multiplied by the number of scatters you had that opened the bonus game. You have a choice of collecting that and continuing with the normal game or you can try to increase your winnings directly under where you will see a second button that says play. Once you press play the clam will begin to open revealing a pearl and a card will flutter down to the clam shell with either ‘win’ or ‘lose’ on the card. If you win your winnings are automatically added to the original win, you then get another chance to collect or play, continue playing each time you win, until you get a lose card, then the winnings you have already won will be added to your total and you return to the game.

Play Scuba view slots today and experience the undersea world.