Amanda Panda Slots

Are you looking for the next evolution in slots? Sick of pushing one button hoping for a slightly different result? Then Amanda Panda and the Jackpot Journey is the game for you! This progressive slot game takes us on an adventure through the dense jungles of the rainforest to find hidden treasures buried long ago by the ancients. Adventuring across Mayan temples, Amanda Panda takes us on a whimsical voyage through her never ending quest for jewels, diamonds, and gold. With mechanics that are sure to entice new players while giving the veterans a challenge, this game of chance gives you the choice to way the odds, and decide how far into the wilds you’re willing to go.


What really sets Amanda Panda and the Jackpot Journey apart from the rest, is its randomly generated “Secret Chamber” feature, adding a whole new level of strategy and gameplay to the average slot experience. After transitioning to the special screen, players will have a choice of 15 different hidden selections, each containing the possibility of a Coin Value, a High Prize Icon, or a Stop Icon. Coin selections will add more value to the Bonus Meter, seen in the bottom right corner. 3 High Prize Icons will add a High Prize to your Bonus payout. And here’s where everything starts to get a little tricky.

Because you have to stack your Bonus meter over 15 specific selections, risk management becomes an absolute key element to how large of a jackpot you’ll see by the time the Secret Chamber is over. Now, from here you can sent back to the normal screen in one of two ways; by choosing to leave early and taking the bonus you have, or avoiding all 3 Stop Icon cards before the rest are added up. If you make it through all 15 without racking up 3 Stops, the entire bonus pot is yours, and the payout can be massive if played carefully and with a keen eye.

Familiar Faces

It’s not all different though, and luckily the balance between fresh ideas and recognizable fun hasn’t been blurred beyond repair. Get 3 or more scattered Amanda Panda tiles in one spin, and the screen will flip over to a Free Game choice feature. With 8 possible choices, each selection will reveal a multiplier, and when two multipliers pair up, a bonus 10 games multiplied by the found number will commence. The Free Game mini-game can also be re-triggered during the free spins, so the potential for long term play here is alive and well!

Amanda Panda gives us everything we could ask for out of slots, and so much more. Come on down and play today!