3D Casino

Look out Avatar, 888 delivers a 3D casino world that’ll make you think you’re playing and winning on the planet of Pandora without the jungle setting.

As one of most prominently well-known and established online gaming brands, 888 Casino is owned and operated by Cassava Enterprises and has delivered a complete 3D casino experience you’re going to love. Everything is in 3D, once you enter the casino lobby, there you are as your Avatar moves and wanders through the casino and begins looking for your favorite games. You don’t have to travel into outer space for six years to get to this casino, just head on over to 888casino and right away you and your avatar can pick up a 100% Sign Up bonus and get up to a £1,400 Welcome package to make your 3D experience a winning one right from the start. On the home page there’s a beautiful talking 3D hostess welcoming you to the casino and introducing you to your new futuristic playing experience.

Everyone including you gets a unique Avatar in the 888 Casino

You can customize your very own Avatar and everyone you see and chat with in the casino has a unique Avatar as well. Talk about futuristic you can customize your 3D avatar to reflect your personal taste, style or mood. Even pick the gender, male, female, clothes they are going to wear and change the size, weight, head, and face, as you desire. You will recognize and can chat with the virtual 888 casino staff, as they are distinguishable by their badges and uniforms. You can easily move your Avatar around by selecting the arrow keys and even adjust the walking speed.

3D casino promotions for real life ways to win lots of free spins and cash

You and your Avatar will get lots more than just 3D in this casino. 888 puts together some real cool promotions so players can enjoy winning some cash for back on earth. You’ll have to take a smooth cruise through the galaxy on 888casino's hottest Video Slot, Adventures in Orbit, where you can win a galaxy full of 5,500 free spins. You can travel the universe with so many chances to win. Look out Star Ship Enterprise, winning lots of cash on this game won’t be too far away. Fly on over to the “Calendar” events page if your keen on seeing what promotions are in the casino for each month. There you will find “Double your deposit every Sunday”, or they have a “Casino Race” where you can win $15,000 in bonuses. Looking for a tournament? Well, in this casino they have a $17,500 USD Roulette tournament and Video Poker tournaments. You’ll also find “Happy Hours” and “Weekly Bonuses”, to make your stay complete.

Enjoy some Freaky cool 3D slots that’ll have you entertained for hours

888casino.com has teamed up with the new CTXM Freaky 3D Slots family and you’ll love Freaky Wild West Slot and the Freaky Gym 3D Slots. You’ll find that the Freaky Slots are visually unique because of the high-quality multi-dimensional graphics, super innovative game play features and rich storylines with well-animated cartoon characters. The actual 3D slots machines are located within each settings theme so they are placed right in an animated freaky cowboy world and in a freaky 3D Gym. The characters in the slots machines come to life with and there is lots of action, so you’ll never get bored. Once you play these 3D slots machines, it’s going to be tough going back to the real world. The slots really complete the 888casino’s 3D environment and playing experience. Just like the movie Avatar, your going want to play and win around this 3D world for a very long time. Go ahead and enjoy the future of online gaming.