Queen of Pyramids Slots

Mystery, history and adventure are embedded in the Queen of Pyramid slot. The enigmatic eyes of the queen lure you to want to come and engage with the ancient Egyptian culture with the chance of cashing in. With the silhouette of the golden sunset staged pyramids in the background, the striking gold and purple themed machine draws you in. It is easy to get lost in the ancient and enchanting Egyptian world. The theme specific hallmarks are boldly displayed on the five wobbling reels and are intricately detailed. They say cats have nine lives, but in this case it is more likely nine sphinx LINES that will play a pivotal role in your winning slot combinations. This is a highly affordable game and even if you have to limit your wagers, you can still get lucky returns. Queen of the Pyramids is simple to play as well as being intriguing and affordable which will result in any gambler having fun.

Decoding The Egyptian Mystery

Start by choosing your coin size by pressing the (+) or (-) buttons displayed in the screen. Then go on to select your line betting with the “Bet Per Line” option button. With each click, a coin is added to the payline bet. When maximum amount is achieved, clicking the button again will reset the line bet to a coin. Select your payline by either pressing the “Select Lines” button or use the colored buttons on either side of the reels. On choosing to select a higher payline, you automatically select all the lower ones. Aim for stars as the Egyptians did when they began building the pyramids and bet all lines. This will give you a potential pyramid size payout. When the desert dust settles, press the pay table option and you can view your fortune. Should you win a number of lines concurrently, your fortunes are added up.

It was Egyptian nature that the devil is in the detail. Be sure you note the differences between the different line rules. The line bet indicates what sum it is that you betting on a single pay line, whereas the total bet displays the amount you are spending in this game round.

Hallmarks Of Your Destiny

The regular hallmarks that will engage you in the game are taken directly from the ancient Egyptian language. These symbols include: pyramid, eye of Horus, a boat, a lotus, fish, a pendant, servant, a sphinx and a hawk. But these are not going to win you the big time, they will earn a little here and there, but it is the powerful hallmarks that will ignite and inspire you, check the paytable for the values of each symbol you might still be surprised.

The first powerful hallmark that could play a role in your destiny is the Pharaoh. It substitutes for other symbols in order to complete winning combinations. The Pharaoh, although king does not however dethrone for the bonus feature or scatter hallmark.

The scatter hallmark is that of the deadly scorpion, aptly displayed in a deep red. Like in reality, this stealthy creature does not need to appear on a line to secure a win. It can be scattered anywhere on the spinning reels if three or more scorpions appear. It is important to note that should your luck be such that you have a winning scatter combination as well as a normal win, you are redeemed for both.

Power and Stealth Will Give Rise To The Cash Pyramid

When three or more scorpions are anywhere on the five reels, the Free Spin Bonus round is activated. This feature may also lead to the Super Payout Mode being activated where all your combinations are multiplied by five with exception on the Progressive Jackpot.

Anyone would think they were going senile if they spotted a unicorn, but hope that you do. It is a bonus. Should three unicorns appear anywhere on reels that are on an active line it triggers the unicorn bonus round. This allows your winnings to be multiplied by five.

Indulge In Ancient History

Get lost in the ancient world with this affordable, crazy and simple game and allow yourself to explore and experience the mystery that is buried in the Queen of the Pyramids. Don’t delay, play today.