Bonus Bears Slots

Take a stroll through the bear park and help the bears find pots of their most favorite food, honey! Fun, games and free spins await not to mention a nice jackpot if you can find the park ranger in the area. The graphics are so entertaining and include a huge bear helplessly filling his mouth with as much sticky yellow honey as he can manage.

Only money is sweeter than honey

Let's start by setting up your preferred betting options. With 25 lines and 10 coins per line, things can get a little sticky if you are not sure what you are doing. Each line is a chance to hit the jackpot so playing a 25 coin game and not playing them all you are setting yourself up for disappointment. So rule number one make sure that all 25 lines are active with at least one coin of the lowest coins value of 1c. Starting off with the minimum bet of 25c you can gradually increase your bet by adding more coins per line up to the maximum of 10. This is the line bet and all wins are multiplied by the amount of coins placed on each line. For example the jackpot of 5,000 coins is won on a payline laden with 10 coins results in a sticky surprise of 50,000 coins.

Your actual bet amount is finally determined by the value of the coin. This too can be adjusted from 1c to $5. So while your minimum bet is 25c you can adjust it through an entire range up to $1,250. This game has no penalties for not betting the maximum so is perfect for anyone with any size bank roll.

Just one thing to bear in mind when it comes to your bet settings is that the wagers on the free spins are based on your settings at the time. So while you would prefer for the sake of longevity to reduce your bet size remember that the takings will also be proportionately reduced. Perhaps at this rate you will have already had a few rounds of free spins awarded to you and can now start to edge your way to the higher bet settings.

Watch out for the bees, they also want that honey

The beehive is your scatter symbol which is just that. Matching symbols do not need to fall on the same payline, they can be scattered anywhere on the reels. The scatter symbols are also the multipliers of the game. Two of them can pay you double your wager while five on the screen at the same time can multiply your wager by 100 times and add it to your balance. All you need is a minimum of three, in addition to the scattered wins, to be eligible for the honey pot bonus game. Even if the scatter lands on a disabled payline, it still counts.

The jolly grey bear is the wild symbol, he can act as just about any other symbol on the reels and helps to complete winning combinations. Watch out for this good natured teddy as he appears only on the centre three reels. When he lands on all three middle reels at the same time the game kicks into free spins mode and you get to play 15 spins on the house. All the takings from these pillaging on the reels will be tripled before being added to your balance o get you back on track with the beary Bonus Bears. During the free spins round the Bonus Bears can keep on coming back to award you with more and more spins complements of the bears themselves.

As fun as free spins and climbing trees are, if you are here to win money then keep an eye out for the red haired park ranger. Five of these lovely lasses will pay you the jackpot amount of 5,000 coins multiplied by your line bet. So this is 5,000 coins per coin placed on the winning line. The skunk, bee and picnic basket can all be found around the park and finding them on the reels will pay out some great wins too.

Climbing a tree is not as easy as it looks

We all know that bears like honey, this is a common fact that we have been taught since we were old enough to understand. And no matter how big and heavy bears look they are very agile tree climbers. But now it is your chance to show the bear which trees the honey is found in. don't let the bees catch you at your game. You have five trees and one of them has a beehive in it. Climb that tree and the game is up. Each honey pot will pay you a prize.

Off to the park we go!

This delightful game brings out the animal in you, so come and play to enjoy your cut of the ever so sweet rewards. Download the software and play today with the bears and the bees.