Lost In The Pyramid Slots

Have you ever played an online progressive slot game before? There are a huge number of folks that adore online gaming and that actually prefer to play the online progressives. Maybe you have seen these types of games at a brick and mortar casino and if you have then you will understand that these are the exact same except you play from home. Lost in the Pyramid is one of these types of slot games. Lost in the Pyramid slots offers five reels and 21 pay lines and the more lines you bet on, the greater the chance of winning. Download Lost In The Pyramid slot game today!

About Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are becoming more and more popular because they have higher jackpots that pay out more. Every time those gamblers make a wager, the pot increases and who ever wins the jackpot actually wins a percentage of all the bets played on a group of machines or a single slot machine. The thing is that there are a bunch of different kinds of progressive slot games but to sum it up in a nutshell there are two main types, a stand alone progressive and a networked progressive. Stand alone machines offer a lower payout than progressive machines that are linked together. The progressive jackpot in Lost in the Pyramid slots is of a stand alone nature but never underestimate the jackpots which are still very generous.

Lost in the Pyramid Symbols

Lost in the Pyramid slots is pretty cool with a classic theme and is pretty traditional really. This slot game depicts and ancient Egyptian theme that is filled with ancient Egyptian symbols like the scarabs, Pharaoh masks, papyrus scrolls, a desert island symbol, and the head of the Egyptian God of the dead, Anubis. The desert island symbol is wild in this slot game and the scatter is a mummy. Both of these symbols can lead you to the great victory and loads of cash. If you like this game then make it a point to try Maya Slots too.

Keep an Eye on the Screen

Keep an eye on the pay out tables as that is where all of the pertinent winning information can be found. It shows you the basics on standard wins, wild symbol wins and scatter symbol wins too. The game is pretty self explanatory and you can follow right along on the screens. While there are other games out there that feature the Egyptian flared theme, this one is a bit different from the rest in the sense of offering excitement and lots of winning possibilities.

Today is a great day to download Lost in the Pyramid slots!