Pirates Treasure Slots

Lots of online casinos have seafaring slots games to try out. But there is a superb slots game called Pirates Treasure slots to find online too, which stands among the best pirate themed slots games online today.

The music and graphics combine to create a game that makes you believe you are on the high seas, with pirates, galleons and skull ‘n’ crossbones galore. It’s very easy to get to grips with, thanks to the great software in play, and you’ll soon find yourself hooked on the pirating theme.

How to play Pirates Treasure slots

Take note that there are five reels in play here, and a total of fifteen lines. The lines are labeled on small bombs with short fuses to the sides of the screen!

Decide whether you want to bet on one or more paylines per spin and choose the amount of the bet you want to make. Remember to multiply that by the total lines to get the total bet for that spin. Then hit the spin button and hope for the best!

Which symbols should you watch out for?

Parrots, cannons and treasure maps all feature in this game. Some symbols win more than others depending on how many of them you get on a winning line. The biggest payout is reserved for the piles of gold, as you might expect.

Two crossed pirates swords act as the scatter symbol, and these can pay out as much as one hundred coins if you manage to get five on the screen at once.

Scatter symbols are good for more than one reason too – if you bring up two or more on the reels you’ll trigger the bonus round and bag a chance to win even more prizes. This makes Pirate Treasure slots one of the wide range of bonus slot machines online today.

Start playing Pirates Treasure slots today!

Seafaring slots are definitely popular. Just visit the site and join for free in order to start playing this slots game. It takes just a few moments to complete the process and you could soon be looking for pieces of eight, pirates ships and much more besides.