Chinese Kitchen Slots

Welcome to the Chinese Kitchen where delectable concoctions are busy being created. The pots on the stove from which a constant wisp of steam escapes are sure to contain many tasty delights. Even the chef is impressed with himself. This slot is very different to many others and instead of the traditional reels, we have what looks more like warming shelves where food is placed as it is ready to be whisked off by neatly clad waiters to the restaurant’s patrons. As far as slots go there are only three reels and 8 paylines and the reels don’t spin as one would expect them to. Instead pencil outline versions of the various images flash between the available dishes until they settle on just one with the bright and enchanting colors filled in.

What looks like three reels and 9 warming drawers actually is 9 reels since they each spin independently of each other. In the traditional sense of a reel the symbols on each reel are placed in the same order and limit the variations per reel. In this ingenious game there are no limitations and no set succession for the next symbol to appear.

All of the graphics are so enchanting as the Chinese are well known for cooking with slightly undercooked fish. Each fish looks highly unimpressed with the way they have been presented on the plates with dressings highly inappropriate for sea creatures in their natural habitat.

The whizzing, bubbling and popping sounds are all very entertaining and make for a really great overall sensory experience. In essence this slot is simple. The wins are frequent and the good ones also come in fairly often adding to a rewarding experience.

How to make the most of the taste test

Chinese Kitchen only has 8 paylines, they are easy to identify and even easier to place bets on, simply click the option ‘all lines’ and all lines are instantly enabled. The next thing to do is decide how many coins to place per line. You can place up to three coins per line and this will show up in your line bet. Betting three $5 coins on each line will give you a line bet of $15, not to be confused with your total bet. If you would prefer to bet just one coin simply click ‘bet one’, clicking it again will place down that second coin per line. Bet max is for those who wish to bet all three coins on each line in one go.

The next adjustment that needs to be made is the value of the coin. This can be set from 1c to $5. Keeping all the variables on their very lowest you can still spin for as little as 8c a shot. Shooting them all up to the top of the scale you can place bets of $120. This is a nice range and betting max is not an absolute must so play within the limits of your bank roll.

What’s cooking on the reels!

Of all symbols the turtle looks the most at peace with his fate. Three on the same payline will pay the biggest jackpot of 1,000 coins. At max bet this is $15,000. Between the crab and snail, each paying 200 coins for three of a kind the crab is a strong favorite since he pays for even one symbol. Gathered in the warming racks is also a frog, a highly displeased fish who is so undercooked she is in fact still alive, a duck, served with a steaming hot serving of secret Chinese sauce, a miserable octopus and a caterpillar with an umbrella.

Dinner’s ready!

Come on in and give this funky game a spin. There are now bonus rounds just a busy kitchen, gourmet cook and great wins. That is after all what you are here for! Download the software and do some taste testing. As out of the ordinary as this menu seems it is full of tasty delights. Play today for a rewarding taste experience.