Slotsjungle Slots

Slots Jungle (or Slotsjungle, as it is often written) is a fun and zany game from RealTime Gaming (RTG) that takes place is a silly, cartoon jungle filled with wild animals that are destined to win players some big rewards. As a RTG game, it works smoothly and it is also great looking.

The Jungle Map

Slotsjungle is set up to be familiar to be familiar players of five-reel bonus slot game players and to be easily accessed by novice players as well. The screen is similar to typical game screens, but it is simplified from the usual, making it more readily understandable. Across the top the major and minor progressive jackpots are displayed. The reels and the paylines take up the huge central section of the screen. Across the bottom are the controls including the number of coins being played, the number of lines being played, and the spin controls. As is usual on five-reel games, the pay table is on a secondary screen, easily accessed by a button in the lower left of the screen.

Jungle Images

The background of the play area is a rich, dark green, perfectly setting the stage for a jungle themed game. The symbols include zebras, palm trees, lions, alligators and more jungle animals. In addition, poker deck indices are used for the lower end symbols. Unfortunately, the card indices are pretty generic in their style, and they do not contribute to the over all look of the game.

Play in the Jungle

If play is the proof of the game, Slotsjungle wins easily! The basic slot play is awesome, as would be expected from a RTG game. There are plenty of multipliers that range up to 5x, and free spins abound in quantities up to 30. During the free spins, more free spin eggs may be found, compounding the number of free spins and the winnings.

The best part, however, is the bonus games! There are three terrific bonus games to be had in Slotsjungle including full-on video games and a pick and win option. These games are awesome and they hit frequently, giving players loads of video play fun.

Jungle Treasure

With 25 paylines, and a maximum bet on each payline of five coins, the biggest bet on Slotsjungle is 125 coins per spin, making it appealing to all levels of player from the low risk casual player to the higher risk, moderate high rolling player. The jackpots are progressive, and the sky is the limit for potential winnings.

Run Through the Jungle Tonight!

Awesome slot play combined with first-class video side-games make Slotsjungle a top-end video slot game! Get settled into your favorite play-place, and get the reels spinning at Slotsjungle for real money tonight!