Harbour Master Slots

Looking for a classic slot? Play Harbour Master slots and try to win the1,500 coin jackpot. This is a game for the beginner. Otherwise, it's likely to only appeal to fans of classic slots. It's very basic. There are no interactive bonus games, gambles, wild symbols or scatters. The paytable is small and appears on the main screen. You don't need to flip from one screen to another to understand the payout structure.

Sounds in Harbour Master slot are also very basic. You'll hear the whirring as the reels spin. When they stop a bell rings. If you happen to have a win, a few musical tones play.

Place Your Bet and Get Spinning

Betting is a piece of cake. Set your coin value from a dime to $10. Once you've made that decision, decide how many coins you wish to bet; you can go as high as five creating a maximum bet of $50. All that's left to do is spin or select auto-play.

Harbour Master slots does have a skill stop button. Time it right and you could force the reels to stop on a winning trio of symbols. There is an auto-play function if you want the computer to automatically spin for a preset number of rounds.

Harbour Master Slots Symbols and Payouts

There are few symbols in Harbour Master slots. Payouts depend on your initial bet. Betting one coin leads to smaller prizes while a five coin bet delivers the highest prize levels. To win, you must land three matching symbols in the center of the reels. There's only the one payline. Payouts for clocks differs slightly.

The clock is at the bottom of the list and is worth 2 to 10 coins. This is the only symbol that delivers a prize if it appears anywhere on the screen. Prizes aren't high, but you're not restricted to ensuring the clock is in the center of the reels.

The sailboat is worth 5 to 25 coins. The binoculars are worth 25 to 125 coins. The ship is worth 100 to 100 coins. The compass delivers the highest payouts of 200 to 1,500 coins. These symbols must appear in the center of the reels.

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