Ja Man Slots

Chill Out with a 5000 Coin Jackpot

Ja Man Slots is a Caribbean theme online game, full of chilled out happiness in a beach setting with authentic Caribbean music from Vegas Technology to keep you in good spirits throughout the game. Other features to ensure your excitement are the 5000 and 2000 credit jackpots, the free spins won in the bonus game and the various multipliers that go with them.

This slot game, along with others such as Mystical Mermaid Slot online, Avalon slots and Shark slots, can be found at LibertySlots casino Online. You can visit any of these sites, make your user account and either download the software, or choose to play immediately in your browser.

Stagger Your Bets and Win Big

Ja Man has the potential to turn you into a high roller, with a maximum wager per-go of a massive $250. You can bet up to $10.00 on each of the 25 pay lines, but we don’t recommend you do this on every go, or you will run out of credits in no time. Instead, we suggest you play a game of 1,1,1,3, whereby you bet small for the first three goes and follow these up with a high bet. You might choose to only play two small wagers, but we suggest three as the maximum bet is quite large. Eventually, you are almost guaranteed to hit a winning combination on that fourth wager, and the winnings will outweigh everything you’ve lost so far.

Lady Lucky Brings the Jackpot

Landing three or more hut symbols on your screen at any on time (that includes on any of the reels) will earn you the bonus round, which is outlined in the section below. Other important symbols are the Caribbean man, which is wild and will substitute any other symbol if you need one to make a winning combo and finally the Caribbean woman, five of which in a row will win you the 5000 coin-jackpot.

10x Multipliers on 25 Free Spins

This game is relatively simple, in that there is no separate bonus screen, but there is a bonus round. This type of bonus round is seen in slot game and on casinos all over the web. It is accepted as the standard of bonus rounds and because it works so well in favor of the player, it often increases a slot game’s popularity. This game consists of up to 25 free spins (you can also win multiples of 15 and 20). You will also receive ‘multipliers’ during these spins, which multiply the winnings by however much they deem (3x, 6x or 10x).

Take a Chance in the Caribbean with Ja Man Slots

Take your chance at a 10x multiplier on 25 free spins, or if you’re feeling lucky the 5000 coin jackpot on Ja Man Slots. This game has a lot to offer in the way of free spins and high wagers. Visit www.ladies-slots to set up your personal account and get playing today!