Old West Slots

Every now and then you might be clicking through the TV channels and come across an old western flick. Most of them are playing in black and white but you can always be sure of a few things...there will always be the western cowboy boots, a sheriff, and some bad guys! These are the same things that bring Old West Slots to life. It is a chance for you to embark on your own western journey and who knows...maybe come out a winner! This is a 21 pay line slot game that will keep you on the edge of your seat because you never know what is coming at you next!

Old West Symbols

Other symbols in this game include western goodies like cattle, sheriff’s badges, lassos, saddles, Indians, and cactus's. The wild symbol in this slot game is the carriage wheel and it can be swapped for any other symbol to create a winning combination. The pistols are the scatter and they are also the key to free spins! Any wins that come during the free spins are tripled.

Old West Bonus Round

Get three longhorn steers in one spin and you will have successfully activated the Bonus Round. Once here, your job is to shoot down the glass liquor flasks to determine what you have won! Some flasks will throw you a few coins but there are others that offer even more. Some flasks have hidden treasures such as whole bags of coins or even boxes of ammunition so you can keep playing. The more that you play...the better your chances of winning are so this bonus round is surely a win win situation!

Play the game with ease

When it comes to simplicity...it does not get much easier and more straightforward than it is with Old West Slots! Everything is laid out plainly for you to see and is very easy to understand. There is no doubt that this slot game has the potential to become a favorite in no time! There is no mistaking the cowboys for the Indians in this slot choice.

You are just a simple download away from playing a game that has an actual essence to it. It can take you back to a time that you do not even know personally and make you feel right at home! Check out Old West Slots for a special treat and a great bonus round to boot!