Triple Flamin' 7s Slots

A very popular game has now arrived! The Triple Flamin' 7s is one of the most played games available in casinos all over the world. Now, you get a chance to enjoy it from your home. This online slot game has been developed to cater to those avid fans as well as to those who wants to feel some excitement of winning big prizes. This game is really a bestseller which can be played at Liberty Slots Casino!

Triple Flamin' 7's Slots Symbols and Jackpot

The name Triple Flamin 7s may be familiar to those people who usually play slot machines in land-based casinos. This is an exciting game which comes from the family of classic slot machines. The Triple Flamin 7s is a 3 reel slot with 1 pay line. The maximum number of coins you can bet in this game is only 2. The symbols used in this game differ from other slot machines. In the typical slot machine, the symbols used are bars, cherries and sevens. The Triple Flamin 7s game uses only sevens with different varieties. These include the standard white, red sevens and blue yellow. You will also encounter the yellow sevens and the Wild Flamin sevens logo. Flamin seven logo is the vital symbol of the game. Why? This symbol will help you get the jackpot. The only thing you have to do is place three of this logo in the pay line and you will get the chance to win 4000 coins which is the top jackpot. You can also get a chance to win the second jackpot worth 2700 coins if you hit 1 chili seven and 2 wild symbols. By forming 1 red seven and 2 wild symbols, you can win the third jackpot worth 1440 coins. The fun thing about this game is you can use this logo as a wild multiplier. If you hit this symbol by one or two times, the symbol will multiply your winnings. But the only exception to this symbol is if you form 1 or more of this wild symbol and nothing else, your winnings will not be multiplied.

Play Triple Flamin' 7's Slots now!

If you have played the real life game before, the online version doesn't differ from the actual thing. The only special feature of the online game is that you can expand the coin size you're going to use for your bet. You can choose from six different coin sizes ranging from 10 cents to 10 dollars. You can also change your bet and coin size without leaving the machine. Winning with less effort! So try this game, play now!

It's Even Hotter When Played Mobile

Flamin 7's looks and plays great in the Liberty Slots online casino, but for slots players that want to take their game on the go, then Flamin 7's mobile slots serves up all of that fast action in the Liberty Slots mobile casino too, and there's a whole lot to like about the mobile version. Flamin' 7's mobile delivers that super slick and fast Vegas slots style action directly to your iOS or Android mobile device and due to the fact that it's fully optimized for mobile play, you'll get an awesome mobile slots experience. There are many players in the US who now enjoy the thrills and the convenience of playing mobile slots, and Flamin' 7's mobile allows you to combine the fast 3 reel slots action with the fun of playing mobile, and that's a combo that many players will adore.