Tropic Reels Slots

Welcome to the jungle and you will find all things that croak and sing through the lush green tropical forests on these reels. Whistle to the tunes of the forest and let the reels take you where you want to go. The graphics are colorful and attractive. The Amazonian style statues guard the entrance to the secret cave of treasures and the macaw that has made his home in the trees above enjoys a drink from the crystal clear rock waterfall.

This is a three reel 5 line multispin video slot which means that it is ever so slightly different to what we have come to expect from slot games in the past. The evolution of slots has moved from classic to 5 reels and many even include interactive bonus rounds. This game is now more interactive and includes that element of skill that many complain has been lacking.

Swinging through the jungle takes some skill and practice

First set the bet, playing this game for the first time try a low bet setting to see how the game works and pays. You can start off at 1c coin value and move it right up to $5 per coin. Clicking bet one will place only one coin on all lines. There is no option to deactivate lines with multispin. So your minimum bet is 5c while the maximum is $125. Playing max bet does not mean the full $125 it just means the maximum number of coins per line. Playing on a budget you should instead of playing less coins per line is to play a lower coin size

Click spin and only the bottom row fills up with symbols. Unlike some of the other multispin slots this one can give you a blank on a line. You can hold any of symbols which replicates that symbol right up to the top ensuring that it appears in every single one of the 5 lines. Any symbol that pays for just one is automatically replicated to the top to guarantee a win on all 5 lines.

Of course the aim is to get three of a kind, if they are the same kind and color the combination pays more, of course, but there is another added bonus and that is that a collection of any three from a specific group will also pay. A simple trick here are if there is only one symbol on the line with two blanks, hold that symbol, that way you are guaranteed that there won’t be a blank anywhere on that reel.

If for example you have no blanks on the bottom line when you click spin and all three symbols differ go to the paytable to check if any two of those three symbols fall into the same group. For example, birds and sliced fruits fall together. So hold these two symbols for a better chance at getting a payout needing only another bird or fruit to fall on any one of the 5 lines.

The jungle creatures bid you a welcome

The top paying symbol is the wild, appropriately the tiger. This pays 2,500 coins per coin on the winning line only if you wagered maximum coins on that line. If there are anything less than 5 coins per line the payout is 2,000 coins for each coin bet. Even one or two tigers pay out a small reward just to keep you going. The pineapples work in much the same way paying rewards for one or two per line. Max bet at $5 can pay you to the tune of $62,500.

There are three different colored birds that pay out for three of the same color and also for three of any bird. Included in this group are the fruit slices, orange, lemon and lime. So not only does each slice of fruit pay out for the same of each color, they pay out for a collection of fruit slices and there is even a payout for a combination of birds and fruit slices no matter the color. In addition to this there are three different colored frogs and three variations of flower all paying out for the same color or as a group. So there are plenty of ways to combine symbols to make a winning combination.

Jungle paradise is a click away

Try your hand at this slot with 5 automatic chances to hit the jackpot, hone your skills and rake in the cash for a forest filled adventure. Be sure to download the software to get your piece of the Amazonian jungle action. Your account will unlock the door to treasures that wait.