Archipelago Slots

Archipelago Slots is a wonderful video slot machine that can only be enjoyed at 888 Casino. American and Canadian players are welcome to enjoy the game as well. This is a beautifully designed game, with a bright blue background and wonderfully artistic icon symbols on the reels such as a sandglass, a mystical tube, and a fountain. Archipelago slots features a fantasy theme, and can boast five reels, twenty-five paylines, and a total of thirty-one winning combos.

Jackpot and Free Spins Rule

The maximum jackpot for this intriguing game is 2500 coins. Your maximum bet for the game is $125, which would be twenty-five coins. The minimum bet can be as little as five cents. Archipelago Slots has two bonus games. One pops up on a second screen, while the other bonus game is played on the reels. The bonus game on the slot machine’s reels is a lot of fun. Known as Mega wild, if you are lucky you can win a total of 15 free spins.

Fantasy Bonus Game

Archipelago Slots features an Electric World, a Crystal World, a Wind World, and a Forest World in its bonus game. All it takes to enter these mysterious worlds is to rack up three Archipelago symbols. The scatter symbol is one to watch for, as a line with at least three of these little beauties will trigger free spins for you. Three scatters will net you five free spins, while four scatters will give you ten free spins. If you are lucky enough to get five scatter symbols in a row, you will receive twenty free spins! There is also a magic dish in this game. If the magic dish appears anywhere on the third reel, the entire reel turns wild. In theory, your chances of winning are tripled.

The Wild Symbol

You will also want to watch out for the Wild symbol, which is quite helpful in replacing other game symbols so that a paying combination of symbols is created. The Wild symbol in Archipelago slots triggers the bonus game when it appears on the third reel. This slots game also has an autospin feature, which will let the machine operate all by itself for up to one hundred spins. One of the surest ways to win on Archipelago slots is to play the max, all twenty-five lines. When you cover the whole machine, you chances of winning on just about every spin are very good.