China MegaWild Slots

What To Expect From China MegaWild Slots

Every slots game has its own unique character and feel to it, which is why we love some more than others. But when it comes to wanting to play something slightly different, be sure you download and play the China MegaWild Slots. They’ve got everything you could want from a great value slots game plus much more besides.

How many reels does this slots game have?

There are five reels in play in this slots game, giving you five symbols to try and match up each time.

How many paylines does it provide you with?

There are twenty paylines in play in total. You can play anything from one to twenty lines here, so you have the ultimate in choice and versatility – just what you want from a great slots game.

What kind of special symbols should you be looking out for?

This game is based on Chinese culture so it is packed full of Chinese symbolism. Watch out for the Chinese girl because she represents a multiplier. This means that if you hit a winning combination and then you see the girl appear, you will get double the payout you would have got otherwise. As you can see, China MegaWild Slots certainly pack a punch.

But perhaps the best symbol to look for is the Dragon symbol. You can’t miss it – it shows the head of a dragon in many bright colors. If it appears you can use it as a wild symbol. So for example, let’s say you have a tiger and you need another one to achieve a payout. If you have a Dragon symbol you can use it as a tiger to get your payout.

What about the bets you can place?

You can choose your bet amount for each spin you have. Simply set the price you want to pay for each line you are going to play. It will then be multiplied as per the number of lines you are playing, before showing you what your total bet for that spin will be.

This means you are always in control and you will always know how much you are spending. This slot game brings you closer to all the Chinese symbolism we are all familiar with. The China MegaWild Slots are exciting, easy to understand and will give you a great online gaming experience. Spin those reels now!