Rocking Robin Slots

You can start working on those moves with a new slot machine game that can get you rocking and rolling all you want with each spin of the reels. Aside from the exciting chink of the reels and the clinks while they spin, you can get swayed by the multiple opportunities presented to you when you start playing this slot machine game called Rocking Robin. See for yourself why this game can get you moving and swaying to its beat every time you hit Spin. We recommend to play this game at Liberty Slots US Casino.

Rocking Robin Slots Process Laid Out

It is always imperative that players understand the rules of the game and how it's played. This ensures a smooth run of the game while enjoying it to the optimum. Rocking Robin has 5 reels which make the possibilities of winning combinations become better than ever. Add 25 paylines and that multiplies the effect all the more so that it's becomes more suspenseful.

After spinning the reels, the game automatically checks for winning combinations for possible payout. Should there be more than one winning combination on an activated payline, look forward to the higher payout credited to your account. You got free choice on the amount of coin bet to wager as well as up to how many paylines to activate. However, payouts are only given to enabled paylines so make sure to activate all paylines for a higher chance of winning.

Rocking Robin Excitement in Three Ways

Rocking Robin gives players three different ways of winning aside from what is just shown on the table of payouts. The first one is the wild symbol which can be used to substitute for non-winning symbols to come up with a winner for that enabled payline except if the symbol is a scatter symbol. The wild symbol is nothing else but the robin symbol. The second way is with the tree symbol,also known as scatter symbol. This is the only time that a payout is given even if they don't appear on an activated payline. Last but not the least,free spins increases a player's chances of winning so see how you can get 7 to 10 free spins from this game.

For as little as $0.01 coin bet to as much as 25 $10 coin bets, a player can get all the fun he can get in one game called Rocking Robin. Don't delay and get up to speed with this game as soon as possible.

Players are definitely in for a real treat with this game and you can lose yourself in all the excitement and the rush of the game.

Play Rocking Robin Slots

The best way to play Rocking Robin Slots is to download casino software on your computer