Like any other star attraction in the history of gambling, the 5 reel slot game debuted in traditional land based casinos in US. The phenomenal popularity of the game make them a favorite even among regulars of no download flash casinos today. Down under, these are known as Pokies or Pokie Machines.

Thanks to the five reel slot games popularity, we now have a great choice of 5 reel slots in any online casino. Online slot tournaments are also available for 5 reel slots now, especially in casinos accepting US players.

5 Reel Slots payout percentage

Many people think that it is harder to hit a win on a 5 reel slots. This doesn't hold water anymore as all slot machines now use a Random Number Generators checked and approved by 3-rd party inspectors. A majority 5 reel slots, in reality, pays out 95% and more back to the player in the long run. With these odds, nobody should even think twice about joining online slot tournaments.

5 Reel Slots tips

A 3 reel slot set to pay out 95% and a 5 reel slot set to pay out 95% will in the long run pay out EXACTLY the same percentage return to the player. The amount of reels make no difference to this so in theory you could have 10 or 20 reels, if it is set to pay out 95% it will in the long term.

Hit frequency is also a factor to consider. On a 5 reel slot, there are more winning combinations made up of 3 to 5 symbols. Very sparingly, there are also combinations of 2 symbols. It is normal, however, to hit low to mid range payouts more often than the bigger ones. This is where luck and some experienced calculations, especially in managing ones bet money, can be factored in. After all, slot machines are meant for entertainment only.