A Lucky Player Has Struck Gold at Bovada Casino

Getting a hold of a giant jackpot prize is the secret desire of every single online gambler but in all honesty, it happens so rarely and to such a limited number of people that many players don't even consider the possibility all that often. The latest proof that gambling miracles happen to devoted players who don't give up and keep trying was recently provided by Bovada Casino , one of the best sites available nowadays. The triumph occurred on January 10 on the ever-more popular 3-reels and 1 payline Strike Gold Slot game , when a lucky player landed a prize, equal to 155 000 dollars.

The Modest Wager

The wager that was chosen before the reels were spun was completely normal - the number of bet coins were 2, the selected coin size was 50 cents and that made a total bet of just 1 dollar. Then, the reels spun and 3 game logo symbols made an appearance on the game's single active payline. That combination didn't just trigger a bonus feature of a free spins round but the progressive jackpot prize of the game.

The Giant Win

In the case of a 1 coin bet the award for that triple combination on Strike Gold would be 2000 coins, which would lead in the lucky winner's case to just a 1000-dollar prize. That second bet coin made all the difference and awarded a prize that is 155 times bigger. This is a good lesson for everybody who is afraid to take a little more of a chance. The difference between losing 1 bet coin of 50 cents and 2 bet coins of 50 cents is 50 cents: much, much less than the gap between winning 1000 dollars and 155 000. It was much more than merely worth it.

Bovada Casino's Many Profitable Games

If you pay Bovada Casino a visit and rest assured, many players will after the spreading of the news of the size of this earning, you will notice that Strike Gold is just one of the many games that can grant a Progressive Jackpot prize. Take for example Shopping Spree Slots , a game, the jackpot prize of which is close to 3 million dollars. That is a sum, which is very much worth the risk of betting an extra coin. Visit Bovada Casino, acquaint yourself with the rules and the conditions, sign up as soon as possible and you might be the next winner of a giant, lifechanging prize.