Shopping Spree Slots

Shopping Spree Slots

Real Time Gaming has just capitalized on one of the biggest dreams of all womankind, to be able to shop until we drop without a care in the world for a budget, limitless fun and games and cash prizes to keep you out in the malls for longer and longer. Now the tags are of no consequence to you, pick what you want and off you go. With shoes, handbags and jewelery, you will squeal in delight as the reels keep spinning out winning combinations. So, ladies, what exactly are we playing for here? In Shopping Spree Slots the top prize is the progressive jackpot and the more you play, increasing your chances at every single spin, the bigger and bigger the prize gets, rolling on and on. Each time the jackpot is won it is reset as a mind boggling $25,000.

So, just how badly do you want that progressive jackpot?

Real Time reckons that the progressive jackpot is enough and has kept the paylines down to an uncomplicated 9 lines across the 5 reels. Since the progressive can only be won by betting the maximum amount of coins on the maximum amount of lines, this is thankfully not such a tough call. The max bet in this fun filled game is only $11.25 with a fixed coin size of 25c and a maximum amount of five coins on each payline.

If you are not into the progressive and prefer to play the bonus rounds for entertainment and more regular wins, then play the lower bet from $2.25 and keep at it until your endurance pays off. You can buy yourself 5 times the amount of spins this way and get yourself 5 times closer to playing a fun and funky cash splashing bonus round. There is still a fixed jackpot of $100,000 or if you prefer to take the adventure, take up the offer of a real shopping spree in New York City! Money can buy you anything but New York is a trip of a lifetime.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

For a game such as this it only seems fit that there be 2 scatter symbols. Scatters, an absolute favorite because of the way that they do not need to be aligned on the same payline, usually also trigger some kind of feature. In this case the Mystery Grab Bag, all shiny and gold, will let you try your hand at the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus round.

The other scatter is the gold plated dollar sign. This symbol, also works on the scatter principle, but pays out a set prize amount of 350 coins each time you get three on the reels.

Your New York adventure is all wrapped up in the diamond symbol. Five on a maxed out active payline will win you the Shopping Spree Super Jackpot worth $100,000. Take the cash or the prize, isn't life great when it is so full of choices?

Diamonds, shopping, hand bags and all things delectably nice

You just need three Mystery Grab Bags, one on each of the far reels and on the middle reel, to find yourself in the Mystery Grab Bag Bonus Game. You are taken to what can be likened to a shopping window with 16 panes. Each clickable pane has a question mark, keep clicking to uncover your prize amounts until you bank your cash with the collect button. Return to the game, wads of cash in hand ready for some more shopping!

It's time to go and spend some cash!

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