Win at Keno

Café Casino is one of the most popular online casinos for many good reasons – a superb catalogue of games, one of the biggest bonus offer collections ever and exceptional services. An equally strong motivation, if not more so, for players who log in every day and test their luck is the possibility to land a big prize, just like the one, which one Café Casino member acquired in January. Filippo M is the name of the big winner and the sum in his account increased with about 150 000 dollars after a casual game of Keno Draw – a title positioned in the Specialty games section of the casino. The type of the giant award isn’t even a jackpot, which makes this particular triumph all the more fascinating. And yes, Keno might not be the most beloved, visually spectacular or trendiest type of gambling game but it obviously can deliver gigantic awards. Furthermore, Keno is currently experiencing a solid resurgence through new variations of the popular game like Keno Draw for example.

Keno Draw and its Epic Advantages

Keno Draw looks better because of its richer and more diverse color pallet. Its sound design is also upgraded and features an improved soundtrack. Players are also provided with the option to record their personal favorite numbers. This version of Keno is more engrossing, entertaining, profitable and better in comparison to older types and the proof is in the pudding, particularly in this latest win by Filippo M. Keno Draw can be enjoyed just as easily and efficiently on a mobile device, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. The winning stake through which Filippo M. got his hands on the humongous prize was equal to 1 dollar. However, players can wager just 1 cent or as much as 10 dollars if they choose to. The gameplay of Keno Draw can easily lead to some great results. Whenever a player gets 14 or 15 numbers correct, he or she will be awarded to the biggest possible payout, which is 1000 dollars for a penny. 25 000 dollars for a quarter, 100 000 dollars for a dollar, 500 000 dollars for 5 dollars and a million dollars for 10 dollars. Which means that even though Filippo M. was one of the luckiest gamblers in the world in January, he must have been wondering at least a little bit just how much he would’ve won had he bet 10 times more than he did. The answer is – quite a lot.

You can easily be the next big winner at Café Casino. Sign up and experience the site’s exceptional games and promotions, bet boldly, always keep one eye on your account balance and great success will come to you, sooner or later.