Liberty Slots Player Acquires New Prize

If you follow with keen interest the biggest wins in the online gambling world, you have probably heard about the stunning winning streak that happened around Christmas on the Agent Cash Slots at Liberty Slots Casino. While some might call an earning of such magnitude a miracle, it is nothing in comparison to what happened next to Rafaella D.

The 375 000 Dollar Win

Sometime later after her first big win, she kept playing Agent Cash up until the point when she won another prize - nearly 4 times bigger (375 000 dollars) with a single spin. Rafaella decided to have fun with the majority of her earnings made through her 100 000 dollar win and used the rest to play and this is the result: a single player getting a hold of nearly half a million, playing a single classic slot.

Admittedly, Rafaella did take a chance, the giant prize didn't just come out of nowhere. She was playing on all 30 paylines and ended up receiving 5 wild symbols. Eventually, every symbol on the reels transformed into a wild and so, the 10-dollar bet resulted in the gigantic 375 000-dollar prize. Rafaella herself is still more or less shocked by the extremely fortunate turn of events.

The Reactions

She has explained that she had been playing at the casino for nearly 5 years now and she had won several times before but never in such triumphant ways. Her husband has been biting his nails every time she played (and that was quite often), protesting against putting a lot of money on the line. She proved him wrong through the strength of her belief and persistence, as she put it herself and now a new car and a long vacation are under way. She was asked if she would return to Agent Cash and Liberty Casino and she appeared to be fully embracing the possibility - after all, so many good things have come out of her previous attempts.

Rafaella's success has brought a smile on the face of Mark Ramirez, Liberty Slots' manager, who is extremely excited for her and has expressed his satisfaction at just how profitable and entertaining Agent Cash could be. If Rafaella's phenomenal winning streak is not enough to inspire you to join, Liberty Slots Casino is right now offering 50 free spins on Funky Chicken Slots - a promotion, which will be active until the end of March.

Liberty Slots Casino has it all - great games, profitable bonuses, exceptional customer services and a long history of great wins, like those of Rafaella D. so if you want to follow in her footsteps, sign up today and begin your life-changing membership.