€4,8 million jackpot goes to Norwegian Betsson-client

On March 9, 2010, one of the largest payouts ever recorded at an online casino - €4.8 million – was awarded to a young man from Oslo, Norway. The player bet €5 on the Arabian Nights Slots, a progressive bonus video slot game whose jackpot had been building over some time. In fact, the gentleman in question could not believe his account balance and notified Betsson support to verify that he had won. When asked how much €4.8 million was in his currency, he was astounded to learn it was worth over 38 million Norwegian crowns, making him an instant multi-millionaire! The moral of this story is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to win, just play progressive slots and you, too, can realize your dreams! Our hearty congratulations to the winner!

Editor's Note: After we published this news article, we were contacted by several Norwegian players. They claim that the game the winner wasn't Arabian Nights Slots, but rather Mystical Mermaid Slot Machine. All our attempts to confirm the information failed up to this date. Regardless, it seems like everybody agree on the prize amount - €4.8 million and this is what's really important. Again - congrats to the lucky winner!