Mermaid's Gold Slots

You'll find treasure under the sea, so play Mermaid's Gold slots to reap your share of the bounty. The five reel slot game offers six bonus features making it easy to really rake in some cash. If you're a fan of ocean-themed slot games, you really need to check out Mermaid's Gold.

There's a reason this is one of the most popular slot machines in casinos. It often tops slot machines like Diamond Mine Slots and Hole In Won Slots in terms of popularity. Mermaid's Gold slots has some of the best payouts available and offers numerous ways to win. With top prizes of 30,000 coins and numerous bonus features, the chance to win a substantial amount of cash is always possible.

Symbols and Payouts with Mermaid's Gold Slots

Sexy mermaids are the key symbols in Mermaid's Gold slots. Each of the five mermaids provides payouts ranging from 30 to 30,000 coins. The green mermaid is worth 90 to 600 coins. Blue is worth 120 to 1,500; Pink is worth 150 to 3,000; Red is worth 225 to 3,000; and Yellow is worth 30 to 30,000.

There are also starfish, sand dollars, seahorses, shells, and dolphins worth 30 to 450 coins. Typically, you need three matches on an active payline to win, but there are some symbols that only require a match of two in order to win a prize.

Mermaid Slot Machine Bonus Features

The mermaid features trigger randomly after a round. With the yellow mermaid, you win up to 20 free spins with a multiplier worth 2x to 10x. The purple mermaid makes three numbers appear, and they'll rearrange to reward you with a flood of cash. The red mermaid is interactive and requires you to pick a shell. If the red mermaid kisses the shell, you pick again. You can win up to 10 picks with multipliers worth 10 to 200x.

The green mermaid also has you choose a shell. You win anywhere from 10x to 500x, but there's also an “Award All” prize that awards you every cash prize found in the selection of shells. Finally, the blue mermaid rewards you with one to three Superscatter spins. If your Superscatter spin doesn't lead to a win, you earn a 10x multiplier.

There is also a treasure chest symbol in the game. If this symbol appears three times, you'll win a trip to the treasure chest bonus feature. With this game, you choose treasure chests to find three or four matching mermaids. You'll win a prize if you find three and that prize is doubled if you find four. If you find three gold tridents, you choose one of them to reveal your prize. With this bonus game, you can win upwards of 7,500 coins to start and then a multiplier worth up to 50x.

Other Mermaid Slot Machine Offerings

If you're looking for games that offer the same large prizes found in games like Aztecs Millions slots or Cleopatra Gold Slots but prefer mermaid slot machine themes, check out places like SlotoCash Casino, Go Wild Casino, or Casino Titan. They have a range of mermaid-themed slot games that you can play online from the comfort of your own home. Don't overlook casino slot tournaments. They offer an easy way to play your favorite games like Mermaid's Gold slots and win extra cash for topping the leaderboards.