Sparta Slots

The history of Greece has always fascinated people, and tales of the Spartans have kept people enthralled. The Spartans were Greek Warriors who fought till death; these ancient warriors have now been brought to life in a slots game. Pit your wits against these warriors and come out a winner! The graphics are beautifully illustrated, realistic looking and will definitely intrigue when they animate.

Go back in history and begin playing

These noble Spartans can be brought to life by playing Sparta slots game , you can bet from one cent up to $5, you can wager up to ten coins for each spin, and with 5 reels and thirty paylines your max bet amount will definitely please the high rollers at an all time high of $1,500! The rewards for this high bet is a wonderful jackpot of 4,000 coins which means you are paid out $200,000 when you play the maximum bet. To be in line to win the jackpot depending on you bet size so you definitely don’t want to miss any paylines as inactive payines don’t pay a cent.

A Soldiers Fortune

The Spartan Soldier is one symbol you want to watch out for, this magnificent specimen of a man is just reeling to substitute as the wild child when other symbols appear on the reels, make a threesome with two of one kind and you have a winning combination, this wonder wild man/child only makes an appearance on the second, third and fourth reel, and when he appears he does an incredible expanding act filling all the rows in full figure, he truly looks magnificent when he stands at full height, at the same time adding extra wins when there are other twosomes on the paylines. Just remember if a scatter or two appears he does not substitute and form a winning combination.

An army marches

The Spartan armies were truly magnificent with those ultra fit men filling the ranks, on this slots game they can appear anywhere on the reels and they pay out as long as there are two armies in full swing, get five of them and you are rewarded with 200 coins, but that’s not all, get three or more armies on the reels and you trigger the free spins game, you get fifteen chances of spins without paying a cent and when the wins appear you are paid out double of your wins. While in the free spins if the expanding wild soldier appears he automatically expands over all the paylines, get another three armies symbols and the free spins are retriggered. Wowee this could get pretty interesting with some fantastic prize money going into your account.

The Sparta Slots game has some amazing animations and other symbols entertain you rewardingly, get two warships on the reels and watch them recede into the background revealing the whole Spartan fleet in full battle. Get five of these warships and watch your account increase by 4,000 coins extra. Get two catapults and it will animate and you will see the catapult release a flaming javlin, if you get five of these it will fill your account with 2,000 coins, the other symbols are the beautifully decorated Grecian Urn, The Spartan Sword which no respecting Spartan warrior would do without, and the large shield to protect himself, and not forgetting the high value cards that are so beautifully crafted in pure gold starting from the Ace down to the nine. Check the paytable for the various payouts of each symbol.

Give yourself a break with autoplay

Like to sit back and watch the reels spin on their own, the autoplay features give you the opportunity to set the number of spins you want it to play and you sit and relax, while it automatically spins the reels, and equally automatically put the wins into your account.

At any time while you are playing you can decide to gamble your win, each time a win is activated two buttons appear a ‘Gamble’ button and a ‘Collect’ button, decide to take a chance and gamble, you will be given a choice to either chance your whole win or only half your win. The gamble game means there will be five cards dealt, the first one will be face up, you have to choose from the four that are face down which one will be higher than the card that is face up, if you choose a high ranked card you will double your win, if you choose a card that is lower ranked than the upturned card you lose the win. It’s a simple risk all, half or nothing but then life is more exciting with the risks.

Sparta Slots game will keep you excited, enthralled, the animations are truly worth watching and you get a chance at some lovely prize money. Find this game at the best Playtech casino - Golden Palace Casino