Freaky Wild West 3D Slots

From the same people who have brought you Freaky Fruits Slots and Freaky Gym Slots, Freaky Wild West 3D Slots are now available at 888Casino. This hilarious and “freaky” slot game comes with a highly entertaining theme and lots of winning opportunities. As a cartoon type of bonus slot, Freaky Wild West 3D will have you smiling the entire time you play. The game consists of 5 reels and 30 paylines.

Don’t Freak Out! Freaky Wild West 3D Rules Of Play

The Freaky Wild West 3D Slot game is a little unique to other slot games with multiple lines. This game follows a funny storyline and for players to get further in the game they must pass several levels or play. Players can play Indian Village, Bandit’s Valley and Cowboy’s Town levels in this thrilling slot game. Each level can have extended play time if the player can gather all of the symbols. To get to the bonus round, players must collect 4 symbols in the Indian Village, 6 symbols in the Bandit’s Valley and 10 symbols in Cowboy’s Town.

Ja Man Slot Symbols Whisk Players Away To The Islands!

Freaky Wild West 3D symbols are full of western themed fun! Throughout each level or “world” of the game, different symbols must be collected by the player. Each symbol promises to be freaky, wacky and hilarious! When the symbols are collected the player can choose a new world to enter and play within.

Three Bonus Rounds In Freaky Wild West 3D Slots

Freaky Wild West 3D Slots offers players three bonus rounds! To get to the bonus rounds, you must collect any 4 symbols from Indian Village to begin the first Indians Gold Bonus game. During this game, players will select any 3 of the 5 shown pots to determine which one holds the most money. For the second bonus round, players must collect any 6 symbols from Bandit’s Valley. Afterward, the player can play the Safe Crackers Bonus game where they are shown 5 sticks of dynamite to blow up 5 out of 9 shown safes, trying to win the biggest payout possible. Lastly, when a player collects any 8 symbols from Sheriff’s Town they can play the Shoot for Loot Bonus game. This game offers players the chance to shoot 15 bandits and stop them from robbing the bank!

In addition to these fun bonus rounds, the game also offers a free spins feature. If players get two Shaman symbols they can win 3 free spins. Three Shaman symbols will win them 5 spins, 4 Shaman symbols will award 15 free spins and 5 Shaman symbols will award them 30 free spins.

You Can Find Freaky Wild West 3D Slots at Bodog Casino!

Allow yourself to have fun like no other with Freaky Wild West 3D Slots! You can find these hilariously entertaining slots at 888Casino where you can play for real money!