Big Cash Win Slots

Big Cash Win slots is a very traditional but exciting single payline slots game that Rival Software has created. Play Big Cash Win Slots at Golden Cherry casino today!

Clear and Concise Graphics

When you click on to the Big Cash Win Slots game, the first thing that strikes you is of course the clear graphics based on a green and purple background. The whole screen is easy to read and understand and if you do have any questions there is a clearly marked help button at the bottom of the page. Big Cash Win Slots is single payline slots with the option of either one or two coins.

Wide Range to Betting Options

For some this may sound limiting but considering that you can place bets ranging from $0.05 up to $10, there is quite a range of excitement and potential to cover. One of the great things about playing Big Cash Win Slots is of course that there are no major surprises. The biggest jackpot if you place a bet of two coins is 2000 which if you have placed a bet of $10 is a substantial $20000! From a small bet!

Straightforward Winning Options

But back to the screen. The winning lines of traditional bars and three bars and cherries are all detailed on the side of the screen showing you what you are aiming for at any stage. The biggest jackpot of 2000 coins if you have placed a two coin bet or 750 coins if you have placed a 1 coin bet can be won when three Big Cash symbols land on the payline. Nothing could be more straightforward or simple to play and Big Cash Slots for little investment can bring you some very handsome wins. It is no wonder that so many people log on to and enjoy this simple, easy to understand and play one payline slots game.