Crazy Dragon Slots

The Crazy Dragon is a Real Time Gaming powered bonus progressive classic 3-reel, 1 payline slot that is inspired by a Chinese theme. Like most classic slot, Crazy Dragon is a fairly simple slot which offers the excitement of winning huge progressive jackpot and free spins. You can find this game and more very interesting new slots at Bovada Casino.

Playing the Game Crazy Dragon Slots

So that you could play Crazy Dragon Slot, you have to have credits reflected on the machine. You can do this by purchasing these credits with your casino fund. After these are credited to the machine, you can place your bet and then you will be able to start the game by pressing on the Spin button.

Crazy Dragon Symbols

The game has Chinese symbols spinning on the reels. This includes the Bonsai, Dragon, Firework, Pagoda and Yin Yang. The game has no wild multiplier or scatter symbol, but it has a wild symbol which is the Ying Yang. This symbol matches non-dragon symbols. This would give you a chance to win 300 times your bet. Getting dragon symbols would win you free spins. There is a lot of chance that you'd get to win free spins a lot of time. So, it is best that you place a maximum three coin wager so you'd have the chance to win this prize. Getting the dragon's head symbol would win you two free spins. Getting the dragon's body symbol would give you five free spins. If you hit three of the tail of the dragon, you will win 20 free spins. Remember though that you should get the dragon head symbol in order to win free spins. Without the dragon head even if you have body, you don't win any free spins.

Crazy Dragon Bonuses and Jackpots

This game offers four winning combinations. The typical payout is 2, 10, 100 and 1,000 times your wager. However, Crazy Dragon offers a maximum jackpot which is the progressive jackpot. The second jackpot is 3000 coins. Every time though that you win a progressive jackpot, you get a credit of $2000. You get the chance to win the progressive jackpot if you place a maximum wager of 3 coins for every spin because you'd get the chance to win free spins. This is the bonus game on the reels where you could actually win up to 100 Free Spins if you're lucky. Winning the Free Spins would allow you to win the $2000 dollars prize which would be credited to your account if you accumulate a total number of 100 re-spin. This, by itself, is a great reason why you should play Crazy Dragon Slots.

Where to find Crazy Dragon Slots

Ready to try your skills in Crazy Dragon? Download Bovada Casino software and to play Crazy Dragon Slot. If for any reason you don't want to download casino program on your computer, find and play Crazy Dragon Slots at Bovada Flash Casino!