Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots

Likely you are familiar with Ba Ba Black Sheep from when you were a kid but as an adult you can really benefit from Bar Bar Black Sheep which is an online slot game that offers three reels and one single pay line. You can play a maximum of three coins per spin. The best thing about this game is that it is a very simple game that is ideal for newbie’s that are entering the world of slots. The graphics are quirky but fun. You can play coin values with as little as $0.20 or as much as $5.00 per spin. Download and Play Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots now!

The Wild/Multiplier symbol

Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots offers a Wild and a Multiplier symbol for which you could easily win 1,600 coins. The Wild/Multiplier symbol is none other than the Black Sheep. This simply means that it can swap out any other symbol to make a winning combination. The Black Sheep symbol triples the payout of any combination it completes, except the Bar-Bar-Black Sheep combination. When the Black Sheep Symbol appears you can to maximize you winnings. The Bar Symbol can be quite helpful in increasing your winnings too!

Bar Bar Black Sheep Symbols

Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots offers some cool symbols such as the White Sheep, Wild Black Sheep, Triple Bars, Double Bars, Single Bars and Bags of Wool. The Black Sheep Symbol is your Wild Symbol however it only emerges on the third reel. It is also the means to the top prize.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Payouts

If you get one Bar on the first and second reels and the Wild Black Sheep Symbol on the third reel that is how you win the 1,600 coins. It is pretty uncommon to see a top jackpot combination that is not three of the same symbols. The next highest payout on the reels is 180 coins for three white sheep. You can easily triple that amount if the Wild Black Sheep is part of the winning combination. So, this would be 540 coins instead. Look at the Wool Symbol as you would the Cherries in other traditional slot games.

Where to Play Bar Bar Black Sheep

Microgaming casinos are the place to play Bar Bar Black Sheep slots. 32Red Casino is home to the best Microgaming Viper software available. 32Red Casino is available to play in a download or flash version and they also offer free games to try the software.