When we say MasterCard, everybody knows what we are referring to. MasterCard is a credit card, perhaps the most widely used in the world. It will let us purchase items that we need and want without the need of using cash upon purchasing. It’s simply like a loan that you can opt to pay for your purchase either in a lump or in an equal installment basis, with a corresponding interest attached. MasterCard is renowned for its use in department stores, grocery stores, boutiques, clubs and more. Today, new additions to the merchants of MasterCard are the online casinos, like for example online gambling veteran Liberty Slots casino, Bovada Casino, Drake casino, Club USA casino. Yes, you read it right! Numerous online casinos that accept MasterCard are now popping out online.

Steps in Using MC in an Online Casino

Now that we know already about online casinos accepting MasterCard credit cards; in order to avail this service, of course, we should own a MasterCard credit card that has enough credit balance. If you have a credit card already let us take the steps below:

First – register your card with the casino. This includes the input of your card data into the online casino’s database.

Second – select an amount to deposit and input the CVV number of your card. CVV is the three-digit number found at the back of your card.

Third – confirm the amount you deposited and wait for the casino’s confirmation and if you have a successful deposit transaction, you are now all set to start playing.

Security Benefits of Using MasterCard in Casinos

With all the comfort MasterCard credit cards has to offer, it is really inviting to play online casino games using our MasterCard credit card. However, our main concern as customers is how secure it is when using our credit cards online.

Unlike before, MasterCard has now issued a new security measure to make their online users’ online transaction more secure: The SecureCode. If you are an ATM user, this is much like an ATM pin. One must enter the SecureCode every time you make an online transaction.

The Possible Rates MasterCard Will Charge for Using It in Casinos

Rates vary from one institution to another. Normally, financial institutions handling your MasterCard credit card charges an annual fee at a nominal amount. It does not matter if you use the card at the grocery, department store or in a casino. Charges stay the same. Rates can be from 2.5% upwards, depending on the institution you are into. These rates took effect when upon paying off your purchases in equal monthly installments.

MasterCard’s Customer Service Support

Talking about customer support, just like any other payment option, MasterCard also has friendly support able and willing to help you all the time. Alternatively, you can immediately contact your issuing institution for the support. They should also be ready all the time to assist and help you whenever you are having some trouble or problem or just some simple clarifications.

MasterCard’s Availability to US Casino Players

A few years back, US players were having problems in joining with any online casinos because their law does not allow them. However this time around, more and more online casinos are now accepting players from the United States and this solves the problem; and yet another problem arises and this is the payment method, because credit cards didn’t use to be an acceptable payment option. However, US players should be lonely no more because, many of these casinos are now MasterCard Casinos. Meaning, they are already accepting MasterCard credit cards as a payment option.

MasterCard credit card holders can now start to rejoice, because they can now play on their favorite online casino using the easiest, fastest, and the most comfortable payment option.

With such a breakthrough possibility to play, why not enjoy some slots, roulette or other games?