Atomic Jackpot Slots

Atomic Jackpot is an atypical traditional slot game from Wager Technology. Though considered “traditional” because it has three reels and a single payline, it is very different in the way it works. It is a really fun diversion from the more traditionally playing games.

Atomic Age Images

When the player selects Atomic Jackpot, he or she is met with a 1950s looking atomic laboratory with retro-looking machinery. The simple pay table is located top and center, and the Atomic Jackpot logo is in the upper left corner. The logo flashes and catches fire when a win is hit, which is really entertaining and contributes to the over-all great feeling of this game. The whole look is cartoonish and fun.

The sounds on this one are typical of traditional games. There is the casino “white noise” in the background, and, when the game is in action, machine sounds come into play with the whirrs, rattles and bells of an old style slot machine. Vegas Technology has this sound theme down, and they do it excellently, but on games of this type, it would have been fun to have a little broader variety of sounds.

Atom Symbols

There are a variety of symbols used on this game, including radiation warnings, mad scientists, and blue atoms, but only one symbol counts for anything: the Beaker and Atoms. Though there is only a single payline, when a single Beaker and Atoms pops up anywhere on the screen, double the player’s bet is returned to the player. When three of that symbol shows up on the payline, the big jackpot is hit. That’s it. There are no other rewards, making this a very simple game to follow.

Atomic Rewards

Like most traditional games, the player is allowed to establish the coin value to a denomination ranging from 10¢ up to $10, but somewhat less usual is that this game allows up to five coins to be bid per spin. So playing the maximum bet can range from 50¢ if playing dimes, all the way up to $50 if playing the $10 coin denomination. Though this range is a bit broader than on most traditional style games, it is still well within the bounds of moderate risk. High rollers will look elsewhere, but, for the rest of us, this is a fun alternative.

The Atomic Jackpot on this one is 2500 coins, which can range from $250 if playing dimes, all the way up to $25,000 if playing at the $10 level, a generous jackpot by any standard.

Play Atomic Jackpot Now!

This is a zany and unusual game, and it offers a great deal of fun to players who want to try something different for a while. It is a break from such classics as Mermaid Slots and Admiral's Inn Slot, but it keeps the action going in its own way. So get settled in your favorite gambling chair and play Atomic Jackpot for real money tonight!