Admiral’s Inn Slots

There are several ways to enjoy Admirals Inn where players get a good time while playing and winning payouts in between. The best part about playing these games is that regardless if they win or lose, players feel like they had a grand time clicking on the buttons while viewing excellent graphics and sounds for this game. Come join the fun instead of staying in the sidelines and just watching other people have fun at the best online casino brand Liberty Slots Casino.

Admiral's Inn Slots Coin Bets and Payout

When playing Admirals Inn players can make several spins of the three reels and not feel the time pass by as it really does take your entire attention the whole time. Imagine spending as little as $0.10 coin bet for each round and if you need to work on the maximum wager then feel free to bet on $10 coin bet. Another good thing is that the players have a free hand on the number of paylines to activate.

As each reel stop spinning, the anticipation heightens as the symbols display before the computer screen. The best payouts go to three of the following symbols: anchors, ship's wheels and sharks. But don't fret because payouts can still be gathered from three of the same kind of symbols: compasses, moons, hourglasses, double bars, single bars and journals. And because you're playing Admirals Inn, expect the anchor symbol, even if it's just one to count for a payout of twice, four times and six times your coin bet, depending the number of coin bets placed for that winning payline.

Admiral's Inn Rules to Understand

The game Admirals Inn comes with a single payline only so expect payouts to occur only on the center payline. Aside from watching out for winning symbols alone, one can also look forward to viewing the wild symbol for a corresponding payout. Not a lot of slot machines with 3 reels can offer that much in terms of winning possibilities but it sure does happen at Admirals Inn. And if you're thinking there are additional rules such as it should show only on one particular reel to get a payout, you're definitely mistaken. See the wild symbol land on any reel and you can expect the payouts assigned to as shown on the payout table.

Where to play Admiral's Inn Slots

Rush to your computer now and see how much excitement a game can hold with Admirals Inn. You won't want to miss all the fun do you?